10 Remedies That Help End Candidiasis!

These are the best remedies that help get rid of candidiasis that are all 100% natural, as this condition  is an infection caused by a fungus that often affects the vagina , but can also appear in places such as the mouth (the popular “ thrush ”), throat , penis, skin, nails and even blood.

If you are facing this problem, know that there are some home remedies for thrush that you can try. Candida albicans, the species of fungus that causes this infection , exists naturally in our body without causing any harm.

However, there are some situations that favor the excessive development of this microorganism, leading to the appearance of candidiasis. The infection manifests itself through whitish spots when it reaches the mouth and through irritation when it reaches the skin. In the case of the private parts, the symptoms are itching, redness, swelling, burning when urinating and discharge in the case of women.

Remedies that help get rid of candidiasis:

1. Chamomile seca:

This is one of the main remedies that  really help get rid of candidiasis. Sitz bath made with chamomile helps to calm vaginal infections and even balances the pH of the vagina , preventing the manifestation of microorganisms.

Mix three tablespoons of chamomile in a liter of warm, filtered water . Put the liquid in a bowl and sit down. Wait about five minutes. Then, dry the area well. It is also important not to share this towel with anyone else.

2. Coconut Oil:

Natural substances present in coconut oil are capable of destroying more than 50 types of Candida species, according to a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food.

To be able to enjoy the benefits brought by coconut oil in the fight against candidiasis, it is important that it is 100% virgin. Apply directly to the affected area up to three times a day. Also try to add the ingredient to your diet .

3. Neem tea:

Neem tea is also among the top remedies that help get rid of candidiasis . Also known as honeydew, neem leaves have antifungal and antibacterial properties, helping to eliminate bad bacteria and fungi. Boil a handful of neem leaves in three glasses of filtered water and strain. Use the mixture to wash the vaginal area once a day.

remedies for candidiasis

4. Garlic:

Garlic is an excellent natural treatment that helps relieve itching and other discomfort caused by candidiasis. Remove the peel of the garlic clove and, before going to sleep, place it inside the vagina . When you wake up, remove it and wash the area with warm, filtered water . Repeat the procedure once a day for three days.

5. Mint:

Without a doubt, mint is also used to make one of the best remedies that help get rid of candidiasis . Bring half a liter of water along with five bay leaves and the same amount of mint to the fire. Then add ten drops of propolis infusion. Turn off the heat and leave it covered until it cools down. Wash the intimate area with the mixture.

6. Oxicoco:

Due to the arbutin compound found in the fruit, the also known as cranberry is able to eliminate candidiasis. Aim to drink a glass of juice, unsweetened, up to three times a day for a few weeks.

7. Sodium bicarbonate:

The 5% sodium bicarbonate solution helps to eliminate the Candida albicans fungus . To do this, just mix a cup of the product in a basin with hot water and sit down. Stay in the position for about 15 minutes once a day for a week.

8. Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera has also been considered one of the excellent remedies that help get rid of candidiasis . The plant has vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and anti-fungal properties that help to inhibit the growth of the fungus that causes candidiasis. Extract the gel from aloe leaves and apply to the intimate area a few times a day. Remember to wash the plant well before using it.

remedies that help get rid of candidiasis

9. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Another sitz bath that helps regulate the pH of the vagina and strengthens immunity is made with apple cider vinegar. Mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar in a bowl of warm, filtered water . Sit in the mixture for a few minutes. Repeat the procedure up to three times a day.

10. Natural yogurt:

Natural yogurt is one of the best remedies that help get rid of candidiasis  due to the probiotics contained in the product.

With the help of a syringe without a needle, place the yogurt inside the vagina twice a day. Whenever you perform the procedure, make use of a pad to prevent the panties from getting wet.

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