Homemade cream with vinegar to rejuvenate the skin!

Homemade cream with vinegar to rejuvenate the skin works very well as it is very easy to make and does not cause any side effects on the skin . Also, when you try this recipe your mask will look like porcelain!

The skin of the face is our letter of introduction, we must take care of it and try to keep it always beautiful. Over the years, pregnancy, hormonal changes and food are inevitable, as the skin on our face is affected and can lose its firmness, youth and natural beauty.

Today we bring you an amazing rejuvenating mask based on natural ingredients, special to restore the youth of your face and provide a porcelain skin, without chemicals that can harm your skin.

Homemade cream with vinegar to rejuvenate the skin :


  • Apple cider vinegar: half a tablespoon;
  • Water: 1 glass;
  • Honey: to taste;
  • Lemon: half unit;
  • Sodium bicarbonate: 1/3 part.


  • First you must fill a glass of water halfway and dilute the apple cider vinegar.
  • Afterwards, in another container, you must place the bicarbonate and add the water and vinegar.
  • Also, add half of the lemon and continue mixing until you get a homogeneous consistency.
  • Add honey for a delicious fragrance and mix again.
  • You should wash your face very well, to remove all kinds of residue or dirt.
  • Also, apply the mixture with a makeup brush and leave on for 15 minutes to rejuvenate your skin.
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If your skin is oily, you should apply it every fortnight. Combine the use of this treatment with the daily consumption of water, this way you will guarantee good results and within a few months you will see your skin much younger.

Special tips to rejuvenate the skin of the face

Oatmeal Mask:

  • Add two tablespoons of this delicious cereal to a little water until it forms a paste.
  • Also, apply on face and leave for 10 minutes.

Strawberry Mask:

  • Chop into small pieces and crush half a cup of strawberries, add half a cup of plain yogurt.
  • Also, apply and leave for 20 minutes.

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