Red fruits – benefits and how to consume!

Red fruits are one of the most loved fruit groups by people looking to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet. Strawberry , cherry , blackberry , raspberry, blueberry, among many others, have benefits that range from strengthening the body, preventing diseases, to relieving the symptoms of menopause. Learn more about these delicious reddish berries.

Despite being called “red”, this group of fruits can also vary in color. In addition, the rinds can be more or less reddish or even approaching dark purple. But, it’s not just the appearance that draws attention to these foods. With peculiar flavors, slightly sour and acidic, they go with practically everything, especially sweet recipes.

Regarding the nutritional components, all are sources of vitamins and minerals essential for the proper functioning of our body. See, now, → Red Fruits – Benefits and How to Consume:

Why Consume Red Fruits?

The Red Fruits are the little remarkable ones of nature: they take care of the hair , they lose weight, they rejuvenate, they prevent diseases and on top of that they are delicious! In addition, they are excellent antioxidants (prevent premature aging), and are rich in vitamin B , which helps in the functioning of cells.

They provide energy, shine to the hair , renew the skin and strengthen the nails. In addition, they are also rich in iron, phosphorus, calcium, other minerals and nutrients that together fight anemia, heart disease, reduce blood sugar , bad cholesterol , help in the healing process and improve intestinal transit. In addition, they are still being studied in the fight against prostate cancer.

These fruits are also characterized by low calorie content, high water content and good fiber content . Among the fibers present in red fruits  we can highlight pectins. This substance has the power to regulate intestinal peristalsis, helping the digestive muscles to work better and maximizing the absorption of water-soluble vitamins by our body. Among these vitamins are vitamins C , vitamin B1 , vitamin B2, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 .

Health Benefits of Berries:

1. For Being Rich in Fibers:

Red fruits are rich in fiber and, therefore, help in the functioning of the intestine and in the reduction of cholesterol harmful to health. In this way, the consumption of Red Fruits is a direct way to provide greater prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

2. In Combating Free Radicals:

Berries are known to have a high power of detoxification, which help fight free radicals in the body, which are responsible for the aging of our body’s cells.

3. Lower Cholesterol:

One of the biggest advantages of inserting red fruits in daily food consumption is the reduction of cholesterol that is harmful to health. As in item 1, this factor also contributes to the reduction of possible cardiovascular diseases.

4. Improve Vision:

The large amount of vitamin C , combined with phosphorus, calcium and vitamins of the B complex, present in Red Fruits takes care of the health of the eyes and, mainly, of the individual’s vision.

What are the Best Red Fruits?

They are called “ Red Fruits ”, but the skins have colors that range from bright red to dark purple. Here are some very interesting Red Fruits :


It has diuretic properties, and is rich in vitamin C , which helps with wound healing. It strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improving circulation and increasing iron absorption, fighting anemia. Strawberry is also a fruit rich in antioxidants such as anthocyanins and ellagic acid (learn more about strawberry benefits ) . Always prefer to consume organic ones, as strawberry is one of the 8 foods most contaminated by pesticides.

Goji Berry:

Rich in vitamin C and other vitamins such as: B1, B2, B3 and B6. It has a high content of proteins that help maintain muscle stability, 19 amino acids, 21 minerals that protect the body from cancer, high concentration of carotenoids, betaine that fights free radicals and cyperone that brings benefits to the heart and blood. Learn more about the wonders of the Goji Berry.

Blueberry (Blueberry):

The almost bluish color indicates that, in addition to anthocyanin, there is a carotenoid called lutein, which also enters the fight against free radicals. If you can’t find the fruit in natura, bet without fear on the frozen one. Blueberries are one of the foods that prevent premature aging.


It gathers potassium , fiber and vitamins A and vitamin C. Naturally, it is somewhat acidic. In Brazil, it is usually consumed in the form of sweets and syrup, which ends up having little fruit and a lot of sugar; therefore, unless you find better quality alternatives, it is better to go with this option.

Red Fruits How to Consume:

The ideal is to consume red fruits 3 to 4 times a week. If possible, it is also good to diversify these fruits so that you have access to all the nutrients and benefits of all of them. The harvest season for Red Fruits is between November and February. They are summer fruits. We can freeze its pulp, to obtain its properties throughout the year.

Red Fruit Juice Recipe:

Drinks with Red Fruits and teas have the function of accelerating metabolism and help to burn calories, as they increase the energy expenditure of cells that accumulate fat. Check out a recipe for a detox juice, which in addition to all the benefits to lose weight, also helps to deflate and fight fluid retention.


Preparation mode:

  • Blend all ingredients in a blender and drink immediately.

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