Recipes to Remove Plaque at Home

The Recipes to Remove Bacterial Plaque at Home are simple and can make a big difference for those who have a yellow smile or with Bacterial Plaque . In addition, bacterial plaque is the colorless layer that forms on the teeth  and gives them a rough feeling. It is formed by the residue of food particles, sugar and saliva, which attract bacteria and germs, thus creating the Bacterial Plaque .From the first moment we take food to the mouth, bacterial plaque begins to form, and not only affects the teeth , but also the gums and tongue, especially when there is no proper oral hygiene. When bacterial plaque builds up, then tartar is formed which gives a yellowish tint to the teeth  and stains them. It also generates bad breath and can cause tooth decay.Recipes to Remove Plaque at Home:  Plaque is not just a cosmetic problem. When neglected, they can cause serious oral injuries, affecting oral health entirely  . So you have to have very good hygiene, brush your teeth  after every meal and use dental floss and mouthwash. However, if you suffer from this problem, you can use some home remedies to remove plaque at home .

How to Remove Plaque with Baking Soda and Coconut Oil: Coconut  oil is known to be a potent antimicrobial agent and is very helpful in destroying bacteria that accumulate in the mouth. When combined with baking  soda, which is also very powerful, you can achieve a toothpaste that provides visibly healthy, plaque -free teeth .

Ingredients and Preparation:

Mix coconut oil  with baking  soda until it forms a creamy paste. Then you should use it like you would a toothpaste  and brush normally. Brushing should take about 3 minutes. This procedure should be done twice a week, since brushing too much can damage the tooth enamel .

How to Remove Plaque with Salt and Baking Soda:  Salt has an antiseptic property and baking soda  to remove plaque at home  and tartar too, neutralizing the growth of bacteria. You can not only clean your lips, but also your tongue, gums and cheeks.

Ingredients and Preparation:

Heat the water  and add salt and bicarbonate  of soda. It is necessary to boil until the ingredients are completely dissolved. Then, let the water  get to a lukewarm temperature. Brush as you normally do, then rinse with the salt and bicarbonate mixture , holding it in your mouth for at least a minute. You can use three or four times a week to keep your teeth  healthy.

How to Remove Plaque with Coconut and Strawberry Oil:  Citrus fruits such as strawberries and coconut oil have teeth  whitening and tartar removing properties. You can make a paste with about 3 strawberries  and a teaspoon of coconut oil , crush them to a paste. This way, you will  remove plaque at home , leaving a cleaner mouth and avoiding the complications that often occur on your teeth , gums and tongue.

How to Remove Plaque with Orange Peel:  Orange is a very successful solution to remove plaque at home  quickly and effectively, thanks to the presence of vitamin C , which helps to clean and whiten teeth  safely. The way to use the orange peel  is very simple, just rub it on your teeth  for about a minute, with smooth and repetitive movements. You can now start using these tips to remove plaque at home  and notice a brighter smile. However, one is recommended to visit a specialist doctor to eliminate Plaque Bacterial .

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