5 homemade recipes to eliminate nail fungus!

Home recipes to eliminate nail fungus work, because eliminating these fungi can be easier than many imagine. Unfortunately, nails are a place that is very attacked by fungi. Very common on the feet (but it can also attack fingernails), nails are often in conditions that attract fungi, either because they are too wet due to contact with water or stuffy due to wearing shoes.

It is not easy to eliminate Nail Fungus and it often takes from 6 months to 1 year using medicines to heal completely. In addition, the treatments that you will get to know here are very efficient and will eliminate Nail Fungus in less time.

Home remedies to eliminate nail fungus:

1. Frankincense Oil:

This oil is known to effectively cure  Nail Fungus . All you need to do is rub in the oil and gently massage the affected nail. Also, do this every day and you are sure to get great results in a short amount of time .

2. Onion:

Believe it or not, onions can be an effective remedy for toenail  fungus . Also, slice an onion and take one of the slices and gently rub it on the infected nail. Repeat this every day to cure the infection after a few months.

3. Listerine Mouthwash:

All you need to do is mix equal parts white vinegar and mouthwash. Also, soak the affected area in it for 30 minutes and gently rub the nail. Wash off the solution and dry the affected nail completely. This can also be done 2 times a day to ensure the infection does not spread. Many people have claimed to be a great method to get rid of nail fungus , so it is a must try.

4. Alcohol:

Take 70% isopropyl alcohol and fill a 4 ounce dropper with it. Also, apply 2 drops of alcohol to the infected nail every morning and evening. You will feel that the infection has recovered after a few months. Many people suffering from  Nail Fungus prefer this remedy as it is less messy than using vinegar.

5. White Vinegar:

Every morning and evening, pour some white vinegar on the infected nail and apply tea tree oil. Also, seal this mixture with Vicks Vapor Rub. Use this remedy  for a few months and you will see that the infection has healed and a new nail will grow soon after.

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