Recipe To Cleanse Your Liver Naturally!

The liver has many vital functions for our body, it filters your blood, produces the enzymes necessary for blood clotting, breaks down fat and releases energy. In addition, liver toxins have a huge impact on liver function. Use this medicine with parsley and celery juice daily and your liver will be as good as new.

The liver is one of our most vital organs. Without proper operation, it can also complicate a large part of our entire system. A liver malfunction slows down the weight loss process because fat metabolism goes at a slow pace.

Urine can become very dark, even darker than its normal color, when the body doesn’t get enough water. The stool may have a very dark or pale consistency, or have blood stains.

Many people also feel very tired, which is commonly called fatigue. You may be chronically tired, and this is a warning that something is wrong with your liver .

The last and one of the most obvious symptoms of liver problems is stomach bloating, often accompanied by stomach pain, stomach aches and gas. The reason why you can develop this very obvious symptom is due to the fact that fluid is building up inside the walls of your abdomen, and the problem could make it difficult for you to breathe properly if the fluid is also builds up and starts to press on the lungs.

Other Symptoms of Liver Problems That Are Much Less Visible:

  • Sensitive skin;
  • intestinal bleeding;
  • Low sexual desire;
  • Vases on the skin;
  • Weight loss;

Detoxifying the liver on a regular basis can increase its functioning, and encourage the body to break down fats and all other organs to function better. The following recipe for celery juice with parsley will improve liver naturally and amazingly. It will restore your liver ‘s natural powers in just 5 days.


Method of preparation:

  • First, wash the ingredients well;
  • Mix all the ingredients until you have a smooth consistency, but leave the water aside;
  • After letting it rest for a while, mix again;

For best results, drink 2 glasses before each meal. This can be drunk three times a day. Do this for three days, 7 days apart, and then do it all over again. Stay away from heavy metals, processed foods, fried foods and sodas and drink plenty of water to enhance the detoxification effect, and thus promote weight loss.

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