Reasons to Choose to Drink Warm Water Instead of Cold!

The Reasons to Choose to Drink Warm Water Instead of Cold . In addition, drinking water is a habit recommended by all experts, and in fact it is essential for our survival. In general, we consume it cold and even iced, as many report that this is how we quench our thirst. But did you know that drinking warm water can bring you numerous benefits? Here are 4 reasons to choose to drink warm water instead of cold. Check out:

1. Effect on the Suggestive System:

the fat contained in the food is solidified by the cold water, which slows down digestion, while the warm water helps in the quick digestion of the food, helping to improve constipation and the absorption of nutrients.

2. Effect on the Respiratory System:

Cold water can generate a buildup of mucus, which can cause inflammation in the throat , as it increases the risk of respiratory tract infections .

3. Effect on the Circulatory System:

Cold water can cause blood vessels to narrow, while warm water dilates them, which improves blood circulation in organs and tissues.

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4. Effect on the Nervous System:

the headache can arise in cases of low temperatures, and this is no different with cold water, as it can cause migraines in people who have the problem. Hot water relieves pain and can help ease spasms.

Other Considerations:

  • We have to take into account that we should drink the recommended amount of water daily (between 1 and a half and 2 liters).
  • If we don’t consume the necessary amounts, we will be complicating the task of different organs, such as the liver, kidneys, digestive or immune system, which will not be able to fulfill with
  • their functions.
  • Thanks to water, in addition, we will be able to lubricate the joints and improve the resistance of the ligaments. Also, if we make sure we consume the recommended amount of water
  • per day we will be reducing the chances of suffering stones or kidney stones . Thus, the incidence of urinary infections will be much lower.
  • Water is also the best ally for those people who are following a diet, as it is able to reduce appetite and also help the body to metabolize fats more efficiently.
  • efficient.
  • Drinking a glass of warm water 10 minutes before eating allows you to arrive at meals with less anxiety, in addition to being the best ally against fluid retention.
  • Therefore, drinking water can help us to prevent several problems. If there is not enough hydration, the body concentrates a greater amount of toxic and carcinogenic substances.
  • However, these are eliminated with the urine if we stay properly hydrated.
  • Having correct hydration will help us protect the body and maintain adequate levels of acidity, as well as delay the body’s own aging processes .
  • So write it all down, because health experts recommend drinking one and a half to two liters of water a day. It is the most appropriate way to keep the body hydrated and in
  • correct functioning.
  • And better if it’s warm water!

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