The 7 Reasons That Could Cause Breast Pain

The 7 Reasons That May Cause Breast Pain. When talking about Pain in the Breast , many women immediately think it ‘s Breast Cancer , when in fact cancer doesn’t hurt, unless it’s in a very voluminous size, not to mention that there are also benign tumors that don’t cause any pain and other inflammations can also cause breast pain. Breast pain (or breast pain, breast tenderness, mastodynia) is a very common thing in any woman’s life.It almost always results from a tension in the breast tissues, caused by hormonal changes and cysts (water or milk bags). This tension is most often manifested in the premenstrual phase, during pregnancy, or when the breasts are engorged with milk during lactation.

When, however, Breast Pain is accompanied by redness or another inflammatory sign in the breast, it requires extra attention. Whether to prevent inflammation from attracting infection or mainly, to make sure that we are not facing cancer.

Cysts are quite frequent benign events. They hurt when there are many or when they increase in volume, but they can also be reabsorbed by the breast tissue. They only require a biopsy when they have certain characteristics, such as cells, mass or blood inside.

Experts believe that Stress , Anxiety and Depression can promote the release of substances in the brain that reduce or increase the release of certain female hormones, causing the tissues of certain breasts that are more sensitive to have reactions that produce pain.

Sometimes, breast pain does not originate in the breast. Come from outside. In this case, it is just a reflection of a problem elsewhere, such as, for example, compression of nerves in the neck, back or spine, among others.

Although knowing that breast pains are almost always of benign origin, we should never neglect them, as exceptions exist and it is better not to give them a chance. All Breast Pain should be reported to the doctor as soon as possible so that he can investigate its possible causes before finding that the result is just benign functional changes in the breast, formerly known as dysplasia. So, check out  The 7 Reasons That Could Be the Cause of Breast Pain:

Breast Abscesses:  Abscesses are nothing more than the accumulation of pus in the breast tissue, that is, it is an infectious process. It is a problem that can cause a lot of pain in the breasts , and it is possible to feel soft knots in the affected region.

It is usually caused by bacteria, which enter through the cracks in the nipples, or by problems with lactation. Regardless of the cause, it is best to consult a doctor to carry out the necessary tests and receive the most appropriate treatment.

Lactation:  When a woman gives birth, she usually has breast pain due to increased milk production, regardless of whether she is breastfeeding or not. However, you need to pay close attention if the pain becomes frequent, intense and does not improve, as this can be an indication of mastitis.

Breast Cancer:  As we mentioned initially, many women often relate Breast Pain to Breast Cancer , and that’s usually not exactly what it’s about. Breast  Pain is one of the symptoms that take the longest to appear when we suffer from Breast Cancer . If the woman detects and treats any abnormality in the breasts in time, it is possible that she will not even feel pain in the region caused by cancer.

Mastitis:  Mastitis is inflammation of the mammary gland, which occurs due to obstruction of some ducts of the breast. This inflammation can be caused by a breast infection caused by a virus, bacteria or fungi. The symptoms that should make us alert are: redness, pain and especially Fever .

Hormonal Causes:  Usually teenagers who start their menstrual cycle usually feel some pain in the breasts . Even premenstrual tension can cause pain before menstruation. Many women experience breast pain throughout their fertile period, being more frequent in the middle of the menstrual cycle, coinciding with ovulation and the days before menstruation.

These two phases of the cycle coincide with the most abrupt changes in female hormone levels. In addition, the use of contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy can also have strong influences on this problem.

Breast Cysts:  Breast cysts are a kind of fluid-filled sacs that form inside the breasts. They usually form when normal mammary glands grow, and one or more cysts may form. They are usually benign and are characterized by causing pain. When they are very large they can be palpated, but some require a mammogram or ultrasound to be detected.

Pregnancy:  One of the first symptoms that appear during pregnancy is breast pain . Women tend to be more sensitive when they become pregnant earlier or when they experience their first pregnancy. Generally, in the first trimester of pregnancy, pain appears, the breasts grow and blue veins in the region become visible, indicating an increase in blood flow.

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