7 reasons for tingling hands!

The tingling sensation in the hands is caused by compression of a nerve or poor blood circulation in a certain region of the body. Therefore, all conditions that cause these situations can lead to this symptom.

It can be a normal symptom, caused only by bad posture, or for example when we sleep on our arm and, with that, we compress the nerves and blood vessels, impairing local circulation, but it can also be a symptom of more serious problems.

You know that tingling feeling in your hands ? It is the result of a brief interruption of blood circulation in the region that goes from the palm of the hand to the fingers. If this happens often, you should not ignore it as it can be the symptom of some health problems.

Causes of tingling hands:

1. Multiple Sclerosis:

It causes the destruction of nerve membranes in the spinal cord. The result of this is that the circulation of nerve impulses is interrupted, reducing the sensitivity of the hands and causing numbness.

2. Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine:

With the wear and tear of the cervical spine, caused by the failure in the blood supply to the body, the patient has headaches, lack of motor coordination and tingling in the hands .

3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

This is a very common problem in those who perform tasks repeatedly with their hands, which is the case of musicians, typists and many other professions. Because of the constant repetition with the fingers, the tendon tends to swell, causing numbness in the hands.

4. Thrombosis:

In case of a blood clot , there is a delay in blood and oxygen flow, which causes tingling in the hands.

5. Stroke (stroke):

It is in this condition that the most serious case of tingling in the hands occurs . Although it is a rarer condition, one of the first symptoms of a stroke is a tingling sensation in an arm or hand. In addition, other common symptoms of this problem include a crooked mouth, lack of strength on one side of the body, and difficulty speaking.

What to do: if you suspect a stroke , call an ambulance immediately, or go immediately to the emergency room. See more what to do and how to identify stroke .

6. Burger’s disease:

This type of disease is associated with cigarette smoking and causes pain and numbness in the hands due to decreased blood flow . It can also affect the feet, and if not treated in time, the person can develop gangrene.

7. Diabetes:

One of the symptoms is tingling in the hands , as the blood flow is reduced. Finally, sudden-onset tingling, especially when associated with other sudden-onset symptoms, such as chest pain, weakness , visual changes, speech changes, behavior changes, difficulty walking, fainting, among others, can be a sign of a heart attack. or stroke (stroke). In this case, an emergency room should be sought immediately.

In any case, to have the most accurate diagnosis in each situation, it is essential to look for a general practitioner or occupational doctor, so that the exams are carried out and the most appropriate treatments are indicated.

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