Quantitative and Qualitative Beta HCG – What’s the Difference?

Quantitative beta HCG  is very accurate, as it shows the exact value of the test, from which it is obviously possible to infer whether it is positive or negative from the reference values. A qualitative beta hCG test confirms the presence or absence of hCG in the blood . This test only confirms whether a woman is pregnant or not. HCG levels of 25 mIU/mL and more are usually detected by this method. Quantitative hCG beta test is also much more sensitive and can detect even traces of hCG  in the blood .

That means you can try this test much earlier in your pregnancy and potentially still get a result. This is the test gynecologists will do if you have been artificially inseminated and they want to check that the embryos have been implanted. Check it out and ask your questions about what quantitative beta HCG is and what it is for.

When to take a qualitative HCG beta test?

A qualitative pregnancy test is the first preliminary pregnancy test recommended by a doctor. It is the step before taking a quantitative pregnancy test. You have to take the qualitative pregnancy test after you have experienced the first symptoms of pregnancy . Early pregnancy symptoms include tender breasts, missed period for more than a week, cramps , mood swings, etc.

What is quantitative beta HCG ?

quantitative hCG beta test  is a test that estimates and quantifies the hCG present in your blood . A quantitative pregnancy test validates the healthy progression of your pregnancy. A doctor performs the quantitative pregnancy test using advanced medical tests.

A qualitative pregnancy test only detects the hCG hormone and shows you are pregnant based on its presence or absence. A qualitative pregnancy test is popularly known as a home pregnancy test .

When to do a quantitative HCG beta test?

quantitative beta HCG test  comes after taking a qualitative pregnancy test . You need to go to the doctor if you have a negative pregnancy test despite pregnancy symptoms or a positive pregnancy test.

Normal quantitative beta hCG values ​​from 1st to 12th week of pregnancy:

In case of very high levels of Beta hCG at the beginning of pregnancy , the hypothesis of gestational trophoblastic disease should be investigated. It is essential to follow up any pregnancy from the beginning, with a gynecologist.

Is it better to do the quantitative or qualitative HCG beta test?

Your doctor will tell you which option is best for you, depending on your specific situation. Qualitative testing gives a clear positive or negative result. Quantitative testing, on the other hand, will show you how much of the hormone has built up in your system and can help show the progression of your pregnancy .

Are quantitative hCG beta tests reliable?

Yes, all tests done through blood analysis  are completely reliable. The only time you might have a problem with the result is if you take the test too soon.

How is a quantitative HCG beta test performed?

blood test  is done to perform the quantitative hCG beta pregnancy test . Doctors draw a small volume of blood to perform the test, they will insert a needle into the superficial vein in your arm, near your elbow , and cover the puncture. You don’t need to follow specific instructions like fasting. Then your blood  will go for testing, and you’ll get the reports after a day or two.

Are qualitative HCG beta tests reliable?

Yes, all tests done through blood analysis are completely reliable. Also, the only time you might have a problem with the result is if you take the test too soon.

Talk to your doctor:

Don’t panic if your numbers don’t exactly match “normal” levels. These numbers are estimates, and you can have lower than normal quantitative and qualitative beta HCG levels and still have a healthy baby. You will get an ultrasound at around six weeks, which is considered to be much more accurate than hCG numbers . If there is reason to be concerned about your pregnancy , multiple qualitative readings taken a few days apart will be used to assess your situation.

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Numbers can vary, so it’s important to hear from your doctor about the health of your pregnancy . Your doctor will check your hCG levels if they detect a problem. Ask questions if you’re worried about something, and let them know right away if you have a problem.

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