Natural insecticide to exterminate flies in 1 day!

Natural insecticide to kill flies and mosquitoes that can cause dangerous diseases such as hepatitis A and trachoma, which is transmitted by some types of flies and mosquitoes.

In addition, we can find several insecticides in the markets, for different types of pests, however we know that they are effective only for a few hours and, in addition, they are composed of chemical substances that can put human health at risk.

However, you can make a powerful natural insecticide at home that will kill all the flies, mosquitoes and other types of pests in your home in just 1 hour and permanently.

For the production of the homemade natural insecticide we have a simple and cheap process, which involves ingredients and materials of easy access, the production cost is about 50% below the commercial value of its industrial version.

Natural insecticide to exterminate flies in 1 day!


– a glass of vegetable oil (corn oil , canola , soybean , sunflower oil );
– half a glass of shampoo;
– half a glass of apple cider vinegar .

Preparation method:

  1. Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well;
  2. Soon after, put it in a spray bottle and spray it in all areas of your home or wherever you want to eliminate cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes, or any other insect;
  3. You can also pass it in your garden or any environment, whether closed or open.

See some very curious data about mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes belong to the family of flies , so their body structure is similar, measuring from 3 to 9 mm. They feed on blood to be able to feed their eggs and they also feed on the nectar of flowers.

Both mosquitoes and flies also feed on organic debris and even some mosquito species feed on other mosquitoes. In addition, these insects are more active at dusk especially in environments that are dark, as sunlight can damage them and even kill them.

Without a doubt, we must stay away from these insects, and with this powerful natural insecticide you will eliminate them without worrying about your health and that of your family, as it is completely natural and does not cause any harm.

Important: this natural insecticide is effective against all insects, including the aedes aegypti mosquito , which transmits dengue and other diseases.

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