Can a pregnant woman dye her hair? It’s dangerous?

If you are one of the women who want to know if pregnant can you dye your hair as you used to dye your hair then surely when you saw the positive on the pregnancy test you thought about the disaster your hair would become. Don’t feel bad, it’s a recurring issue due to all the myths that over the years have developed around this issue.

We have good news for you, and currently there seem to be no real reasons or scientific studies to discount the use of modern dyes during pregnancy or to be afraid of harming the baby if you apply hair treatment before you know you were pregnant, i.e.  pregnant can dye her hair .

Does the dye affect my baby?

In the past, dyes contained formalin, which is a chemical compound that can affect the fetus, which is why the myth remained that it was bad to dye your hair during pregnancy. The formulas used for this purpose have changed a lot, which has been very good, not only for pregnant women, but also for our hair that is so damaged with these applications.

The formalin and other formaldehydes present in the dyes of the past could be absorbed into the mother’s body through the bloodstream, reach the placenta and harm the baby.

However, currently, hair dyes are safe and pregnant women can dye their hair . Therefore, the expectant mother does not need to give up on taking care of her appearance. However, if you don’t want to use traditional dyes because they require longer times and give better results when applied, you can use some dyes that dissolve in water, which the hair color comes off quickly and are absolutely safe.

If you are calmer, you can wait until the second trimester of pregnancy to dye yours, when the developing baby is less vulnerable. Another alternative is to make highlights, a bath of color or reflections. These treatments have little or no contact with the scalp. As an alternative to chemical dyes, some experts recommend using vegetable dyes. Among them, you can find pure henna, a semi-permanent vegetable dye.

How to color your hair safely:

In general, pregnant women can dye their hair as it is safe to dye their hair during pregnancy. But you should still take precautions to minimize the risk of harm to your baby.

1. Wait until your second trimester:

Hair can grow at a faster rate during pregnancy, so you may need more root touch-ups during these nine months. To minimize potential harm to a developing fetus, some experts advise against coloring the hair in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

You must wait until the second trimester to color your hair. Rapid growth and development occurs during the first trimester. It is important to provide a protective environment for your baby during this time.

2. Select alternative hair treatments:

Pregnant women can dye their hair,  but there’s no harm in being cautious. If you’re concerned about possible harmful effects, choose gentler hair treatments to minimize your exposure to chemicals.

Instead of dyeing your entire hair, ask your stylist about highlights, frosting, or streaks to avoid applying the dye directly to your scalp or skin.

3. Choose a safer hair color:

Permanent hair color can provide the best results, but it’s not the only option for color. For safer treatment during pregnancy, choose an ammonia-free or bleach-free semi-permanent hair color.

A semi-permanent color may not last as long as a permanent hair color, but it can reduce your exposure to chemicals and toxins. This can provide peace of mind while you are pregnant.

Other safer options include natural plant dyes and henna hair.

Pregnancy can affect the way hair reacts to dye:

Pregnancy can affect the normal condition of your hair. Hormonal changes can mean that dyes don’t necessarily affect your hair in the same way, so the results may not be what you expected. For example, your hair might:

  1. react differently to coloring or perming than they normally do.
  2. become more or less absorbent, frizzy or unpredictable.

It’s always a good idea to test it out first, using the hair dye or treatment you intend to use. Talk to your hairdresser for advice.

What should I take into account to take care of my hair and not affect the baby?

  1. Pregnant women can dye their hair  and if you have decided to dye your hair, use only ammonia-free dyes, in a place with good ventilation, so as not to inhale the gases emitted in the application of these products.
  2. Reflexes are a good option, you’ll need less dye application and you’ll have less contact with your scalp, further reducing your baby’s chances of absorbing the chemicals.
  3. Wear gloves and read the instructions carefully so as not to exceed the time limits established for the application of the dye.
  4. Investigate natural dyes like Henna.
  5. What we recommend that you avoid are permanent and chemical straightening, since most of them contain formaldehyde in their composition.
  6. As a precaution, it is recommended that if you are going to dye your hair , do so after the first trimester, as this is when most of the baby’s organs develop.
  7. Do not exceed the use of dye, one or two during pregnancy is recommended as the progesterone that the placenta produces weakens the hair and makes it easier to fall out.
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If even reading this information you feel uncomfortable, ask your doctor and stylist what you can do to not lose the tone of your hair or avoid annoying gray hairs in your hair. There are color shampoos and plant-based dyes that last 26 to 28 washes that can help keep your hair beautiful during pregnancy.

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