Pregnancy test: how to do it? Mistakes Made by Women!

And there are several pregnancy tests . When a woman does one the most expected thing is that you get the correct answer. This is something every mother worries about before taking a pregnancy test and even after getting the answer.

Pregnancy can be a wonderful experience for many women. But it can also be very delicate and fragile. Some women have to reorganize their entire lives to accommodate a growing and developing fetus. There are so many things most mothers need to learn and remember in order to try to have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

Even mothers who have had multiple children feel that they still have a lot to learn, as things evolve and change all the time. Between pregnancies, new research could be available. It is always best to gain as much knowledge as possible during pregnancy or trying to conceive.

There are so many different things that most women make the mistake of doing in their first trimester of pregnancy, and most of the time they don’t know they are doing something wrong. Things like skin care products , eating for two and announcing pregnancy immediately after finding out they are pregnant are things that can be classified under the ‘mistakes’ category.

How to take a pregnancy test correctly:

The best time of day to take the test is with your first morning pee. Many tests instruct you to hold the stick in your urine stream  and then place it on a flat surface for a certain number of minutes, although some may ask you to place the stick in a cup of your pee.

Carefully read the instructions for your test and follow the instructions exactly. Going to another room in the house or doing something else while you wait can seem like an eternity, so it’s advised that you sit down and wait.

Also, make sure the test has not expired, as this can affect the accuracy of your results. Results may take 1 to 5 minutes to appear, depending on the test. When in doubt, read the instructions. Pregnancy tests usually have two results:

  • 2 Stripes: positive test, i.e. confirms pregnancy
  • 1 Risk: negative test, either you are not pregnant or it is too early for this pregnancy to be detected.

The test results are: one line is negative and two lines are positive. If the second stripe appears blurred, it is still a sign that the test was positive! It may come out unsteady due to a lower amount of beta – HCG hormone , so the ideal is to repeat the exam. In case of doubt, the patient can wait a few days to repeat the test or perform a blood test (beta- HCG ).

Top mistakes made in pregnancy tests:

1. Testing too early:

Taking the test too early is one of the top mistakes made in pregnancy tests . This can be a pretty confusing situation. Most women take a pregnancy test from the moment they notice a delay in their menstrual cycle.

Nowadays there are many tests on the market that claim to give an accurate result even before the menstrual delay. Therefore, this is one of the most common Pregnancy Test Mistakes, as it may not be possible to detect the levels of HCG  in the urine , as it is too recent.

2. Not being aware of your menstrual cycle dates:

While many pregnancy tests on the market try to convince you that you can accurately predict your pregnancy before you miss your period, this can lead to false negatives in many cases. This is because your body  may not have produced enough human chorionic gonadotropin ( HCG ) to be detected by one yet.

A false negative can drive people into risky behavior because they think they are not pregnant when they are actually pregnant. Wait until you miss your period for more accurate test results.

3. Not trusting the test:

Not trusting the test is also a common mistake in pregnancy testing as home pregnancy test kits are almost always accurate and there are very few situations where the test could be wrong.

This is usually because of human error. If the test shows positive, it means you are pregnant and should act on the results.

4. Do not repeat the pregnancy test if it is negative:

If you are absolutely sure that the test will give a positive result, but the test kit says otherwise, you should take the test again. You also need to get tested if you haven’t had your period a week after the test came back negative.

This is one of the mistakes made in pregnancy tests  because waiting after a negative test and repeating the test gives time for detectable amounts of HCG hormones to  show up in your urine . So a negative test may not always be negative, it’s just that it may be a little early to get a positive result.

5. Not checking the test expiration date:

Don’t Check Expiration Date is also one of the main Don’t Check Expiration Dates. This date should be pretty easy to find on the box. It is often stamped at the end. Avoid buying a test, even if you intend to use it right away, if it expires in a few days.

A test that has passed its due date or is too close to due date may give the right answer, but it can also give the wrong answer. Check this out before buying.

6. Not reading the pregnancy test instructions:

Many women, under pressure to get their results right away, end up not reading the instructions on their pregnancy test, and this is one of the main mistakes made in pregnancy tests,  especially in the first cases of suspicion.

The truth is, mistakes made in pregnancy tests are caused by humans. It is important to read the instructions before even starting the test. Not doing so can cause the mess, especially if you’re just assuming that the test you bought will work the same as other tests you’ve used in the past.

7. Not using enough urine:

This is a simple thing to do, but it can also be one of the main Mistakes Made in Pregnancy Tests. as they require a specific amount of urine . If you are using a midstream pregnancy test, this involves sticking the wand in the urine stream .

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If you don’t have enough urine  in your bladder to coordinate urination on a thin stick, you may not have enough to test. This can invalidate the test. Some tests require you to collect your urine  in a clean container and drop it in a certain amount. You can also do this even if the instructions don’t require it to help alleviate this problem.

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