Cabbage and lemon drink to lose 8 kg in 7 days!

The cabbage and lemon drink for weight loss works, because, in a simple way and without spending anything on it, this recipe will work for you. In addition, this Powerful Slimming Drink is excellent for those who have tried everything and failed to lose weight .

We are going to share with you this Powerful Drink that Lose Up to 8 Kg in 2 Weeks  that will help you in your weight loss process , as well as prevent fluid retention and reduce your belly.

Believe that it is possible to find such a recipe and we have a really cool one, especially for you! Try the treatment that we are going to disclose: it is one of the best home methods for you to get rid of those unwanted pounds!

Know that your success is not for nothing, as this recipe for this Powerful Drink that Slimming  has been published on television shows, internet and magazines all over the world. All this success is due to the recipe that has a very effective formula, as each ingredient plays a role! Meet them here:

Green cabbage: 

 Kale  is rich in iron and chlorophyll, which  is why it is a great option to treat anemia, reduce fluid retention and prevent the absorption of chemical substances from food, thus helping to detoxify the body. In addition,  cabbage  is very nutritious, as it has vitamin A and folic acid in its composition and is low in calories, being an excellent option to add to the diet.


The benefits of  lemon  are especially to increase the body’s defenses, fighting flu and inflammation of the respiratory tract because it is rich in vitamin C, which improves immunity. In addition,  lemon  helps fight uric acid, because despite being acid, it is transformed in the stomach and will alkalize the blood and help you lose weight because it is low in calories and has fiber, which reduce appetite.

Check out the complete Recipe for this  Powerful Drink that Slimming Up to 8 Kg in 2 Weeks:

Complete Recipe of the Powerful Drink that Slimming Up to 8 Kg in 2 Weeks:

Lemon is an excellent option to add to cabbage juice and enhance its slimming action. This is because lemon has a detoxifying action that helps to eliminate excess fats, as well as reducing the feeling of hunger, avoiding excessive consumption of food.



  • To make the juice, just beat in a blender 1 leaf of cabbage butter with the pure juice of 2 lemons that makes it more diuretic and alkalizes the blood.
  • Drink next, preferably without straining and without sweetening.
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This  Powerful Drink that Slimming Up to 8 Kg in 2 Weeks is excellent for those who are looking to lose weight . However, we should not stick to a single recipe and we should always vary the nutrients we consume. Drink 2 glasses of juice a day and you will see a big difference on the scales!

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