These are the poisonous foods that kill you little by little!

These poisonous foods are part of our daily diets and sometimes they can even bring us benefits, but when consumed in the wrong way they lead to a series of complications. There are many foods that can be bad for our health, but what most people don’t know is that many of these foods we consume daily without knowing that they can literally kill us.

Of course, that last option only happens when you prepare these Poisonous Foods the wrong way, or eat too much. Due to the new healthy habits that are fashionable nowadays, people are increasingly looking for sources of balanced food , balanced diets, etc.

And with that many of these Poisonous Foods are sold freely and without much information about the harm they can cause. In this video we will reveal what these Poisonous Foods are and how to consume them without putting your health and life at risk.

Poisonous foods that kill you little by little:

1. Almonds:

Despite being very tasty, bitter  almonds are also among the Poisonous Foods that Kill You Little by Little  as they have a component that is not healthy at all: cyanide or cyanide .

This substance is well known by lovers of detective reading, such as Agatha Christie’s books, where murderers killed their victims with these substances. Fortunately for consumption, almonds undergo a process where the poison is removed (which is mandatory). In some countries the sale is even illegal.

2. Cassava:

Even though it is widely consumed throughout the country, being one of the most important sources of calories, cassava is also among the  Poisonous Foods that Kill You Little by Little,  as it also has toxic substances for our body .

It contains hydrogen cyanide, which is present in its leaves and roots, which is released by poor processing. There are a few ways to avoid this poison and that is by taking care when cooking cassava . Without precautions, cassava can cause severe poisoning, with vomiting, dizziness and even death.

3. Tomato:

Glycoalkaloids are present in the leaves and stem of tomato , which can cause a lot of gastrointestinal upset as well as a lot of nervousness.

Although these parts are not present in salads , they are often used to enhance the flavor of foods during preparation. Removed before preparation, there is no problem with the venom spreading in sufficient quantity to cause accidents.

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