Pineapple cube with ginger to lose up to 4 kg!

The Pineapple Ginger Cube for Weight Loss is also a natural anti-inflammatory, it helps to prevent colds and flu and relieves nausea , stomach pains and also heartburn . This Ginger Pineapple Cube is loaded with digestion-stimulating and liver-cleansing properties. In addition to being delicious and super nutritious.

In addition, pineapple  is a species of the bromeliad family , one of the only species in this class to produce edible fruits. Furthermore, the fruit is made up of the union of many small fruitlets fused around the central core.

Its pulp is yellow or whitish, very juicy and fleshy with a stem that serves as a central fibrous support, that part of the pineapple  that some people don’t eat.

Pineapple cube with ginger to lose weight:


– 3 teaspoons of chopped pineapple ;
– 250 ml of water ;
– 1/2 teaspoon of peeled and chopped ginger ;

Preparation method:

  1. Also, just beat the ingredients in the blender without adding sugar, sweetener or honey ;
  2. Then put it in the molds and put it in the freezer;
  3. Also, prepare a natural juice of orange , melon , pineapple or any other fruit that you like and put a cube of the prepared ice and drink immediately;
  4. Drink 2 glasses a day.


  • For best results, do not add sugar;
  • These cubes have a diuretic and slimming effect;
  • In addition, ginger has a strong taste, but has a potent function of satisfying hunger and burning localized fat;

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