Peppermint oil in capsules – what is it for and how to use it!

Peppermint oil in capsules  offers essential nutrients for the body ‘s overall health, it is one of the most versatile essential oils out there. It can be used aromatically, topically and internally to address a range of health issues, from muscle pain and seasonal allergy symptoms, to low energy and digestive issues. It is also commonly used to boost energy levels and improve skin and hair health. According to a review conducted by the USDA’s Center for Human Nutrition Research.

About Aging at Tufes University, peppermint has significant antimicrobial and antiviral activities. It also functions as a strong antioxidant, exhibits antitumor actions in laboratory studies, has antiallergic potential and analgesic effects , helps relax the gastrointestinal tract, and may be chemopreventive. No wonder why Peppermint Oil Capsules is one of the most popular essential oils in the world and why I recommend everyone to have it in their medicine cabinet at home.

What is Peppermint Oil?

Peppermint is a hybrid species of mint and water mint (Mentha aquatica). Essential oils are collected by CO2 or cold extraction from the fresh aerial parts of the plant. The most active ingredients include menthol (50-60 percent) and menthone (10-30 percent).

Not only is it one of the oldest European herbs used for medicinal purposes, but other historical accounts date its use in ancient Japanese and Chinese folk medicine. It is also mentioned in Greek mythology when the nymph Mentha (or Minthe) was turned into a sweet-smelling herb by Pluto, who had fallen in love with her and wanted people to enjoy her for many years. The many uses of mint oil have been documented as far back as 1000 BC and have been found in several Egyptian pyramids.

Relieve Muscle and Joint Pain:

If you’re wondering if Peppermint Oil Capsules are good for pain, the answer is a resounding “yes!” Peppermint essential oil is a very effective natural pain reliever and muscle relaxant. It also has refreshing, invigorating and antispasmodic properties. It is especially useful for relieving a tension headache, in a clinical trial with performance, much like acetaminophen.

Treat Sore Throat:

Diffuse Peppermint Oil Capsules can  help unclog your sinuses and offer relief from a scratchy throat. Peppermint acts as an expectorant, helping to open your airways, clear mucus, and reduce congestion, and is one of the best essential oils for colds, flu, coughs, sinusitis , asthma, bronchitis , and other respiratory conditions. Laboratory studies show that the compounds found have antimicrobial, antiviral, and antioxidant properties, meaning it can also help fight infections that lead to symptoms involving the respiratory tract.

Helps in Seasonal Allergy Relief:

It is highly effective in relaxing the muscles in your nasal passages and helping to clear dirt and pollen from your respiratory tract during allergy season. It is considered one of the best essential oils for allergies due to its expectorant, anti-inflammatory and invigorating properties.

A laboratory study published in a journal found that menthol exhibited potential therapeutic efficacy for treating chronic inflammatory disorders such as allergic rhinitis, colitis and bronchial asthma.

Increase Energy and Improve Exercise Performance:

For a non-toxic alternative to dangerous energy drinks, sip some peppermint. This will help boost your energy levels on long trips, at school, or any other occasion when you need to “burn off the midnight oil”. Peppermint Oil Capsules can also help improve memory and alertness when inhaled.

Helps Relieve Headaches:

Peppermint Oil Capsules have the ability to improve circulation, calm the intestines and relax tense muscles. Plus, all of these conditions can cause tension headaches or migraines, making it one of the best essential oils for headaches.

A clinical trial by researchers at the Neurological Clinic at the University of Kiel in Germany found that a combination of eucalyptus oil and ethanol had a ” significant analgesic effect  with a reduction in sensitivity to headaches.” forehead and temples also increased cognitive performance and had a muscle relaxation and mental relaxation effect.

Effective in Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome:

Taken internally in capsule form it has been shown to be effective in naturally treating irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). In addition, it reduces colon spasms, relaxes bowel muscles, and can help reduce bloating and gas.

A randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial found a 50% reduction in IBS symptoms with 75% of patients using it. When 57 patients with IBS were treated with two capsules twice daily for four weeks or placebo, most patients experienced improvement in symptoms, including reduced abdominal bleeding, abdominal pain or discomfort, diarrhea, constipation, and urgency. defecation.

Acts in the Fight against Fungi and Bacteria:  

Tried and true for over 1,000 years, it has been used to naturally freshen the breath. Also, this is likely due to the way Peppermint Oil Capsules kills bacteria and fungi that can lead to cavities or infections .

And a lab study published in a journal found that. (along with tea tree oil and thyme essential oil) exhibited antimicrobial activities against oral pathogens. Including Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus fecalis, Escherichia coli and Candida albicans.

Promotes Hair Growth and Reduces Dandruff:

Many people ask me “what do you do for your hair?” It is actually used in many high quality products because it can naturally thicken and nourish damaged hair. It can be used as a natural hair loss treatment, and it helps to stimulate your scalp and energize your mind. Plus, menthol is a powerful antiseptic agent, so it can help remove germs that can build up in your hair. Menthol is even used in anti-dandruff shampoos.

Works in Corseira Treatment:

Research shows that the menthol content found in Peppermint Oil Capsules inhibits itching. A triple-blind clinical trial involving 96 randomly selected pregnant women diagnosed with pruritus tested peppermint’s ability to improve symptoms. In addition, itching is a common skin problem associated with an ongoing, frustrating itching that cannot be relieved.

For the study, the women applied a combination and sesame oil or placebo twice daily for two weeks. In addition, the researchers found that the severity of itching in the treated group showed a statistically significant difference compared to the placebo group.

Effective to Eliminate Lice:

Unlike us humans, several creatures hate the smell of Peppermint Oil , including ants, spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes, mice, and possibly even lice. Additionally, a review of plant-based insect repellents published in Malaria Journal found that the most effective plant essential oils used in insect repellents include peppermint, lemon balm, geraniol, pine, cedar, thyme, and patchoucho. and cloves . These oils have been shown to repel malaria, filaria and yellow fever vectors for 60-180 minutes.

Reduces Nausea:

When 34 patients experienced postoperative nausea after undergoing cardiac surgery and used a nasal inhaler that contained Peppermint Oil Capsules , their nausea levels  were significantly different than before peppermint inhalation. Patients were asked to rate their feelings of nausea on a scale of 0 to 5, with 5 being the most nausea . in addition, the average score went from 3.29 before inhaling peppermint oil to 1.44 two minutes after using peppermint.

Improve Colic Symptoms:

There is research that suggests it may be useful as a natural remedy for colic. According to a crossover study published in evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine. Use is equally effective as the drug Simethicone for treating infantile colic, without the side effects associated with prescription drugs.

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The researchers found that the average crying time among colicky babies went from 192 minutes per day to 111 minutes per day. In addition, all mothers reported an equal decrease in the frequency and duration of colic episodes among those using Simethicone, a medication that is used to relieve gas, bloating and stomach discomfort .

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