Once You Know This, You Will Drink Garlic Water Every Day, AWESOME!

Once You Know This, You Will Drink Garlic Water Every Day, AWESOME! In addition, Garlic can help us to prevent and overcome diseases both internally and externally. Garlic   is a plant that belongs to the onion family and stands out for its excellent natural properties both in cooking and in health. Among its most important properties, we find that garlic contains high levels of allicin, the compound responsible for most of the benefits that this plant brings to our health.Maybe you’ve never heard of this powerful preparation, but I guarantee it’s worth knowing. Garlic water is a perfect solution to eliminate all types of pimples, acne and blemishes on our skin. But beyond that, it has other powerful health benefits.

This powerful natural garlic water preparation will help you to:

  • purify the blood
  • stimulate appetite
  • Protect against epidemics and respiratory diseases
  • fight anemia
  • chronic bronchitis
  • clean skin
  • Protect the kidneys and bladder
  • Undoubtedly, the benefits of garlic water are not few.

Among homemade recipes, garlic water is one of the best alternatives to cleanse the body. However, this is not the only masterful formula that can be made with water and garlic to lose weight. Garlic infusion is another way you can take advantage of the slimming properties of this aromatic edible bulb.

In this way, you will add the properties of Garlic to lose weight with other interesting benefits for your body. Lose weight with water and garlic is possible if you know how to do it, so check out the Garlic Water for Weight Loss recipe.


  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 200ml of water


  • Just chop two garlic cloves and put them in a glass of water (200mL).
  • Do this at night and put it to rest.
  • The next day, as soon as you wake up, strain and drink the entire contents on an empty stomach.
  • Take it for 30 days, always making a new dose at night, just before bed.
  • Take a break for seven days and then go back to taking it for another 30 days.

The second form is for external use and is great for improving circulation in the feet and legs and relaxing them. So, check out how to make this natural remedy made with garlic .


  • a liter of water
  • 2 small heads of garlic
  • Preparation and application:


  • Boil the water.
  • Remove it from the heat and add the crushed garlic in it.
  • Let the preparation rest for at least half an hour.
  • Let the preparation cool, then pass it through a blender and add it to a large bowl.
  • Place your feet in the container and give that area of ​​your body a light massage.

With this treatment you will be able to fully enjoy all the health benefits of garlic water .

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