Ointment for candidiasis: how to use and does it work?

The  ointment for candidiasis is very specific and needs to be constantly used under medical supervision. Candidiasis is a common problem among women, and causes a lot of discomfort, burning pain, itching, and whitish discharge and can happen similarly in men, causing itching, redness and burning in some cases.

Usually the ointment for candidiasis is the one that contains miconazole, Nystatin or Candicor, these antifungal substances greatly relieve itching in the genital area, and act by fighting the fungus of local contamination. It is essential to remember that these ointments only need to be used under the indication of the urologist or gynecologist.

Antifungal ointments are widely used with the intention of eliminating candidiasis locally, without harming the place and bringing harm to health, thus bringing back the balance of the microorganisms that inhabit the region.

What Candid Ointment Should I Use?

There are several ways to take care of candidiasis, you can use medicines that need a medical declaration or not. Usually the treatment lasts for a week, and it may take a little longer if the individual’s protection is weakened due to poor hygienic or eating habits. The use of ointments for candidiasis helps to fight these microorganisms, returning the balance between fungi and local bacteria.

Keep in mind that you need to increase hygiene and eating habits unless candidiasis tends to recur and the signs become more serious. It is essential to consult a gynecologist for the indication, especially before using any ointment for candidiasis or other medicines.

Know that in addition to the use of ointment there are similarly other methods such as pills, these are capable of healing, depending on the severity, depending on the level of contamination. In the case of candidiasis ointment , it can be used throughout the genital region both internally and externally. And in the case of the absence of signs, it is essential to continue the consumption of the medicine for the right time by the doctor.

How to use the ointment for candidiasis?

For the correct use of the ointment for candidiasis , you should follow some steps:

In the case of the ointment that does not have an applicator that is indicated for the external region and penile candidiasis, you should wash and dry your hands and genital region well, always remove the traces of the last application or even the skin that is loosening, then apply about 0.5 cm of ointment in the external region, let it act for about 4 to 6 hours and then repeat the procedure again.

On the other hand, ointments that have an applicator that are only indicated for female candidiasis, wash and dry the hands and the region, and remove any traces of the ointment or skin that may be loosening, attach the applicator, pushing the contents of the tube to inside the applicator, then, after filling it, detach the applicator from the ointment tube.

Lie down and with your legs bent, introduce the filled applicator into the vagina and remove it while the ointment is being released into the vagina, then wash the applicator with soap and water until all the rest of the ointment is removed inside it. .

How to treat with candidiasis ointments?

Before taking an over-the-counter treatment, it is very important to know three things:

  • Correctly identify the symptoms and if you really have candidiasis;
  • Discover the most correct treatment to relieve the symptoms of your type of candidiasis;
  • Discover, identify and eliminate what led to the appearance of candidiasis to prevent a new occurrence;

These steps are important to follow to ensure a correct diagnosis and treatment. The third step is essential for anyone who wants to avoid recurring.

More examples of ointment for candidiasis:

All the ointments for candidiasis mentioned below must be accompanied by a doctor who is specialized in the area:

  • Nystatin, which is considered a powerful nystatin-based compound that fights bacteria, protozoa and fungi, Nizoral Ointment based on silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate, together fight local candidiasis.
  • Clotrimazole 2% similarly helps combat, and usually needs to be applied on 3 consecutive days.
  • Candicort based on ketoconazole is recommended for diseases formed by yeasts and fungi.
  • Miconazole Nitrate 2%, which with the help of the applicator that comes with it, needs to be used from 7 to 14 days.
  • Terconazole 0.8% that needs to be used within 3 to 5 days.
  • Clotrimazole 1% that can be applied between 7 to 14 days.

Again, keep in mind that you need an indication of the time of consumption of the ointment, you need to be constantly guided by the doctor, who will check the extent of each woman’s difficulty.

A very common oversight is the use of Ketoconazole ointment among others, which is even an ointment for skin and nail mycoses, application in the genital region is not indicated, so be careful. This is a care that people have to take when self-medicating.

The ointment for candidiasis needs to be used constantly with the indication of the professional, and it needs to be used throughout the genital region both externally and internally and being necessary to the assiduity of the treatment using the ointment, even in the case that the signs of candidiasis disappear before time. expected.

Home remedies for candidiasis:

Coconut oil:

Because it has fatty acids, especially capric and caprylic acids, coconut oil is very effective as a home remedy against candidiasis. That’s because saturated fats have many properties that act as antimicrobials, eliminating and killing the Candida fungi that cause candidiasis.

To perform this treatment, simply apply coconut oil directly on the affected area with candidiasis. You can also take a tablespoon of coconut oil a day for a longer treatment.

Yogurt to treat candidiasis:

Yogurt s can be considered excellent home remedies for candidiasis as they contain so-called probiotics that fight Candida fungus infections Natural yogurt can be applied directly to the affected area.

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In the case of vaginal candidiasis, a tampon that has been dipped in yogurt can be used in the genital area. This procedure must be repeated at least twice a day until the complete disappearance of the infection.

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