Cooked lemon to lose weight sleeping up to 10 kg!

Cooked lemon for weight loss while sleeping is not surprising that it is one of the most used foods for natural weight loss without needing many other ingredients that are difficult to find and in addition to making it at home. In addition, this citrus is very rich. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most used foods in weight loss recipes and natural therapies. It’s time for you to know the cooked lemon to lose weight sleeping !

Lemon is a great food to help regulate the body’s acidity, all because of the citric acid that acts as a natural alkalizing agent. Basically, lemon is the proper detergent for cleaning the body , eliminating impurities and toxins responsible for the failures that occur in the organs of the digestive system .

It also helps to destroy fat and activate metabolism . All this helps to improve digestion and the image itself. Does your body need cleaning? This is the right method.

Adopt this diet and give your body the opportunity to experience all these good things that lemon has to offer. For best results, you will also have to eat properly, without abusing the amount of food you put on your plate.

Quantity is not quality. Therefore, bet on a careful diet that guarantees your body all the nutrients it needs for your skin .

Cooked lemon recipe for weight loss sleeping :

  1. Drink the juice of a lemon without adding sugar as soon as you wake up, as you will have to be fasting .
  2. For the next 10 days, repeat the process, but always adding one more lemon. This means that on the tenth day of treatment, you will drink the juice with 10 lemons.
  3. From there, you’ll have to do the opposite, reducing one lemon a day. On the last day, therefore, you will only drink 1 lemon juice.
  4. Since lemon is very acidic, it is recommended that you drink the juice through a straw.
  5. After drinking the juice, do not eat for another half hour.

It is important to pay attention and understand how your body reacts during this regimen. If you find yourself not reacting well, stop it.

Let everything return to normal and try to resume the treatment by drinking the juice of 2 lemons a day for 1 month and 10 days. This version will, in principle, be less aggressive.

Do you drink lemon water every day? Do you have to lose weight? What benefits does lemon have for you? Comment this article!

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Disclaimer: Remember that the data presented in this article is not a substitute for consulting a physician. Therefore, if you have any doubts, it is best to consult a specialist before starting treatment.

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