Natural Treatments to Get Rid of Varicose Veins

Some of the most effective natural treatments for varicose veins  include the use of olive oil , garlic , cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar , parsley , grape seed oil , pine bark, calendula , and some lifestyle changes. Varicose  veins are unsightly and uncomfortable, most often occurring in the legs, veins that have become twisted or enlarged, preventing proper blood flow to your extremities and forcing your cardiovascular system to work harder to achieve proper one-way blood flow.When blood starts to flow in opposite directions, it can become extremely painful. While varicose veins rarely result in life-threatening complications, it can still manifest in the form of swelling in the legs, edema, venous eczema, thickening of the skin and veins becoming visible in the affected area. While this affliction usually affects the legs, where it is most difficult for the body to overcome gravity and pump blood back to the chest, it can also occur in other parts of the body.Symptoms of varicose veins include sore legs, swelling of the ankles or knees, unexplained fatigue in the legs, slow healing time for minor wounds or cuts on the legs, cramps, and skin discoloration or irritation in the feet. If you believe you have  varicose veins , there are some hospital treatments  that can alleviate some of the symptoms, but these are often temporary, expensive, and, as with all surgeries, carry a degree of risk. Instead, there are several Natural Herbal Treatments  that have been developed and tested for years to eliminate Varicose Veins ., treat your symptoms or keep them under control in a healthy and effective way. So let’s take a look at 10 Natural Treatments to Get Rid of Varicose Veins .

Horse Chestnut: Horse chestnut seed extract is considered extremely effective against  varicose veins , as chestnuts are astringent in nature and contain a powerful compound called escin, which inhibits destructive enzymes in capillary walls. Patients suffering from varicose veins may experience a reduction in swelling and pain when this extract is consumed. However, only the extract can be consumed as chestnuts contain other compounds that are highly toxic.

Grape Oil:  From the grape you can get one of the powerful  Natural Treatments to End Varicose Veins,  widely used to relieve some inflammation and muscle pain when applied topically. Grape seed extractcan also be consumed, but the unpleasant taste often makes people prefer the topical application of the oil. The proanthocyanidins contained in the oil can strengthen the capillary walls and make them resistant to degradation, at the same time, it reduces inflammation and even promotes healthy blood flow to the extremities.

Pine Bark: The proanthocyanidin compounds found in grapes are also present in pine bark, in addition to other unique compounds that reinforce capillary walls, bind vein collagens, promote vein elasticity, improve blood circulation and even reduce blood pressure. Pine bark extract is widely available and can be used safely for long periods of time if the problem persists.

Calendula: Calendula or marigold as it is also known is rich in antioxidant compounds and vitamin C , both of which are essential to protect the skin and maintain the health and strength of veins and capillaries. You can eat the marigold petals directly, but it is not considered to be as effective as boiling the petals and then soaking a cloth in the boiled water, which must be infused with the beneficial compounds and chemicals. Then apply this cloth to the affected area of ​​your leg to experience reduced swelling, pain relief and collagen transfer, which can help your body rebuild damaged capillaries and veins to prevent varicose veins from spreading.

Parsley: This common herb is another Natural Treatments to Get Rid of Varicose Veins , as its high level of vitamin C promotes collagen creation and also repairs damaged blood vessels. Rutin is the powerful organic compound present in parsley that directly affects the strength of the capillaries, making it an indispensable herb in your diet if you are suffering from varicose veins .

Apple Cider Vinegar: As always, it seems that almost any condition can be improved in some way by this “magical cure-all”. Referring to varicose veins , the consumption of apple cider vinegar has been shown to be great for detoxifying the blood and, at the same time, promoting circulation and reducing inflammation. These three factors together make it an ideal tonic for the treatment of varicose veins . Mixing two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drinking it twice a day is the easiest natural treatments for varicose veins  in this article.

Cayenne Pepper: The bioflavonoids and vitamin C found in cayenne pepper are able to promote blood flow to the extremities and relieve pain in swollen or painful joints and leg muscles. Varicose vein painis often worse than it looks. Consuming or topically applying a cayenne pepper paste can definitely help alleviate these uncomfortable situations.

Olive oil: As with grape seed oil, olive oil can significantly improve your health. You can rub the oil over the affected area and let the rich mixture of organic compounds soothe inflammation and pain, as well as stimulate repair of injured or degraded capillaries and blood vessels.

Garlic: As another apparent cure-all, garlic can break down toxins in the body and encourage the release of those toxins, as well as reducing inflammation and increasing healthy blood circulation throughout the body. A great   natural treatment for varicose veins  is adding garlic to your diet or regularly applying a garlic paste to varicose veins can quickly reduce their appearance and discomfort.

Lifestyle Change: A number of habits can exacerbate  varicose veins , including standing for long periods of time, the impact of incorrectly practiced exercises or sports, being overweight, wearing high heels, a sedentary lifestyle, not walking or moving the legs for periods of 30 minutes or more, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking, which slows down circulation throughout the body. By eliminating or changing some of these lifestyle factors, you will see definite improvements in varicose veins symptoms .

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