Natural treatment to get rid of varicose veins

Natural Treatment To end varicose veins in a 100% natural way. In addition, varicose veins are dilated and deformed, purplish-blue veins that appear along the legs and can cause pain and swelling. Its occurrence is more common in people who need to stand for long periods.The leg veins, which bring blood back to the heart after having irrigated the lower limbs, have valves whose purpose is to prevent the blood from returning to the feet by the action of gravity. Sometimes these valves do not work efficiently and blood pools in the veins causing deformation, swelling and changes in the sensitivity of the skin.

In women, during menstruation and pregnancy, especially, the symptoms tend to get worse. More severe episodes can occur due to dilation of both deep and superficial veins. In these cases of venous insufficiency, persistent foot edema, leg ulcers, and changes in skin pigmentation may develop.

Varicose veins may have no symptoms other than the appearance of tortuous, dilated, bluish veins just under the skin. If you experience symptoms of varicose veins, they may include:

  • Pain, burning, or heaviness in the legs, which may be more pronounced later in the day;
  • Mild swelling, usually involving only the feet and ankles
  • Itchy skin over the varicose vein;

More serious symptoms of varicose veins are:

  • Accumulation of fluid and swelling in the leg;
  • Swelling and significant pain in the calf after sitting or standing for a long time
  • Changes in skin color around the ankles and legs;
  • Dry, tight skin;

Natural medicine offers several tips to relieve the symptoms caused by varicose veins, lemon mainly, improve digestion, relieve headaches and fatigue, know the benefits of lemon for health.

Benefits of Lemon: The benefits of Lemon  are especially to increase the body’s defenses, fighting flu and inflammation of the respiratory tract because it is rich in vitamin C, which improves immunity. In addition, lemon  is also important for:

  • Lemon helps to fight uric  acid, because despite being acid, it is transformed in the stomach and will alkalize the blood;
  • Lemon helps to lose  weight because it is low in calories and has fiber, which reduces appetite;
  • Lemon helps  protect cells, as it is an antioxidant fruit;
  • Lemon facilitate digestion  and regulate the absorption of sugars by the presence of soluble fibers, such as pectin.

Natural medicine offers several tips to alleviate the symptoms caused by varicose veins . Check out this recipe with lemon that is recommended in the prevention and treatment of this disease. So, check out the recipe for Natural Treatment to End Varicose Veins.


Preparation mode:

  • Drink water with lemon , two to three times a day;
  • Simple procedure that exhibits great results in vascular disorders;

Although exercise cannot prevent varicose veins, doctors argue that physical activity can reduce the chances of having the problem, improving circulation, which prevents blood from accumulating.

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