Castor oil to grow eyelashes naturally in 3 days!

Castor oil to grow eyelashes naturally works without having to leave the house and without worrying about expensive and hard-to-find ingredients. In addition, eyelashes need care because they express the state of our health.

Long eyelashes represent one of the most impressive attractions of the look. Whatever the eye color, no one can resist the charm of long and defined lashes. However, eyelashes protect the eyes from environmental particles; so the longer the better. That’s why we share with you these tips to grow eyelashes naturally.

Food makes the difference:

Like everything else, a balanced diet will be key to this process. Therefore, we recommend that you include the following nutrients in your daily diet:

Vitamins C and E: Different types of fruits and vegetables contain these vitamins in high proportion. Include citrus, kiwi, avocado, spinach, lettuce and more in your diet. Try to have at least 5 raw vegetables in your daily diet.
Silicon: Oatmeal is rich in silicon, which promotes eyelash growth. It can be consumed alone or as a complement to soups, salads, smoothies or breads.
Vitamin H:  Vitamin H is contained in foods such as sardines, almonds, walnuts, bananas, whole grains and brewer’s yeast.

Remove makeup before bed:

Sleeping with makeup will not only harm your skin  and accelerate aging. It will also deteriorate the health of your eyelashes. Before going to bed, remove your makeup and do a good facial cleansing and hydration. Also, comb your eyelashes with a very clean special brush.

Castor oil recipe to grow eyelashes naturally:

You can also make your own special oil to make your eyelashes grow and make them more beautiful. It will require the following ingredients:


  • Almond oil: 12 tablespoons;
  • Vitamin E: 5 soft capsules;
  • Castor oil: 12 tablespoons;
  • Rosemary oil: 12 tbsp.


  • To prepare a mixture of 100 milliliters, add the tablespoons of each oil (almond, castor and rosemary) and the contents of the softgels of vitamin E.
  • To extract the contents of the capsules, simply pierce them with a needle.
  • Mix all ingredients well and store in a very clean, dry container of water .

This oil acts as a natural makeup remover and moisturizer at the same time. To remove makeup, apply to eyes in circular massages. With a cotton swab, remove the makeup and repeat the operation if necessary. Then wash your face as usual.

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When your eyes are clean, apply this homemade oil again to your lashes, from root to tip. Leave it overnight while you sleep.

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