Natural Remedy to Eliminate Candidiasis in 1 Hour

The Natural Remedy to Eliminate Candidiasis in 1 Hour  in a 100% natural way. In addition, candidiasis is an infection caused by the fungus Candida albicans. “At least once in their lives 75% to 80% of women will have candidiasis ” It is not considered a sexually transmitted disease (STD), since in our body there is a dormant fungus.

In women, it is inside the vaginal and intestinal flora and, in men, in the form of spores on the penis. Among the forms of proliferation, there is the sexual act, in which the man or woman can contaminate the partner. Therefore, women with an active sex life are more prone to the disease.

The most common symptoms of candidiasis are intense itching and redness of the genitals. However, they can also appear in the mouth, tongue and skin of adults and children and, more rarely, in the blood and, therefore, symptoms vary according to the affected region.

Studies show that some factors are facilitators of this mycosis:

  • antibiotics;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Diabetes;
  • Other infections (eg, with the HIV virus);
  • Immune deficiency;
  • Medications such as contraceptives and corticosteroids;
  • Unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected partner;
  • Inappropriate clothing (tight clothes and wet bikinis; lycra and gym clothes that increase vaginal temperature);
  • Excessive vaginal douches.
  • Between 20% and 25% of cases of genital discharge of an infectious nature are caused by candidiasis. It is said that 75% of women have this infection at least once in their lifetime.

A very effective, inexpensive and side-effect-free home remedy to cure candidiasis is honey with warm water, which can also be used as a home remedy for candidiasis in pregnancy as it does not harm the baby. So, check out the recipe for Natural Remedy to Eliminate Candidiasis in 1 Hour.


Preparation mode:

  • The best way is to take a portion in a cup for the bath;
  • apply all over the infected area and let it act for at least half an hour;
  • then simply remove the honey with warm or hot water;
  • then dry the infected area very well;

During candidiasis , you should avoid all types of sugar and prefer foods such as water with lemon and parsley.

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