10 natural remedies to treat canker sores!

Natural remedies to treat canker sores help to reduce the pain, redness and other symptoms that are caused by this condition. Also, these small, red, painful blisters are caused by a herpes virus and appear at the worst possible times.

As canker sores are caused by a virus, there is no permanent cure for them and the virus can remain dormant in your body for long periods of time before it bursts again. Fortunately, though, there are things you can do to treat thrush when it appears.

What are the natural remedies to treat canker sores:

1. Lemon balm:

Lemon balm is a type of plant that has long been used in the treatment of canker sores, thanks to its antiviral properties. According to those who use the remedy, lemon balm can help reduce the redness and swelling associated with canker sores and can even prolong the time between flare-ups.

To use this herb, look for a lip balm that contains at least 1% of it in the ingredients list. If you have access to lemon balm plants, you can create your own folder.

2. Gelo:

Even something as simple as ice can help treat canker sores, especially when it comes to the pain and inflammation associated with them.

Just about anything cold would work as a natural remedy to treat canker sores , but a cold compress or a simple ice pack would likely be easier. Simply apply ice to the affected area until the pain and swelling begin to subside.

3. Aloe Vera:

The soothing freshness of aloe vera gel can really help with a particularly painful cold sore. And while more research needs to be done, some studies show that aloe vera is one of the natural remedies to treat canker sores and that it can help prevent a possible return of cold sores.

Aloe vera gel is incredibly simple to find and use. Many stores offer it for sale in the health or beauty section, and you only need to apply a little to the cold sore to experience its effects.

4. Lysine Supplements:

Lysine is an amino acid that some people think can help prevent and  treat canker sores . And while it’s not a common thing that people know about, it’s safe and cheap.

You can buy lysine as an oral supplement or a topical cream, both of which can be helpful for managing your canker sores.

5. Vaseline:

Vaseline will not make the cold sore go away faster, but it can help make the process of dealing with a person a little less miserable. In addition to moisturizing the cracked skin that surrounds a cold sore, petroleum jelly can also help create a barrier between your blister and any irritants in the outside world.

To use petroleum jelly , apply a little directly to the surface of the cold sore. You won’t need much to experience its effects, but it may be helpful to apply again throughout the day.

6. Licorice Root:

Licorice root is one of the natural remedies to treat canker sores as it has been shown to have antiviral properties which means that sometimes people turn to it to treat cold sores, a topical cream with licorice root is probably more effective than eating it. it.

Like many of the topical remedies to treat canker sores , just apply some licorice root to the problem area.

7. Corn starch:

It’s time to move the cornstarch from the pantry to the medicine cabinet. Starch has been shown to help neutralize the pH of a cold sore, which can help shorten the duration of an outbreak.

A simple paste made from cornstarch and a little water is probably your best bet for treating canker sores . Just mix it up and apply it to your cold sore.

8. Orange juice:

Orange juice or any other good source of vitamin C is a good way to keep your immune system strong and healthy. And while it may not have a direct effect on canker sores, a healthy immune system means you’ll be able to deal with them more quickly and effectively when they do appear.

Best of all, there’s no shortage of ways to incorporate orange juice or other vitamin C – rich foods into your diet!

9. Red wine:

Red wine is also one of the natural remedies to treat canker sores as it decreases the duration of cold sores and the likelihood of passing it on to someone else. Now the bad news these effects do not come from ingestion. I’ll give you time to put away your wine glasses and shattered dreams.

Instead, we see the best beneficial effects of red wine when applied topically to a cold sore.

10. Vanilla extract:

Vanilla extract helps treat canker sores as it keeps our baked goods smelling delicious, but did you also know that vanilla extract can also help stop a canker sore’s life cycle and prevent it from erupting?

But nothing really magical about vanilla has more to do with the fact that pure vanilla extract is at least 35% alcohol, which can help kill germs and viruses.

If you think a cold sore might be coming on, apply pure vanilla extract to the problem area a few times a day. You can save yourself some pain and annoyance down the road!

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