The 5 Myths About Male Vasectomy!

The Myths About Male Vasectomy  That Few Know. In addition,  Vasectomy  interrupts the circulation of sperm produced by the testicles  and conducted through the epididymis (a ball-shaped tube that is located at the top of the testicles ) to the vas deferens that empty into the urethra. So, check out  The 5 Myths About Male Vasectomy:

What is Vasectomy: It is the surgery that makes a man sterile (male sterilization). In other words, it’s the male version of tubal ligation.

Surgery is Very Simple: Yes, Vasectomy  is a simple procedure, especially when compared to the tubal ligament performed in women. In men, the surgeon will cut the vas deferens, which are the two ducts that carry sperm from the testes  to the urethra. The two ends are sectioned and then tied together. With the interruption of the vas deferens, the semen runs out of sperm.

Is Vasectomy Reversible:  This is a subject that involves a lot of confusion. Vasectomy is reversible yes, however, the success rate of reversal surgery can vary greatly depending on the case. For example, if the manvasectomy more than 5 years ago, the chance of successful reversal is much lower than if he had been vasectomized 2 years ago . 

  • Another point: the reversal surgery is much more delicate and must be performed at a hospital level, under truncal anesthesia, using microsurgical material, including a microscope. I always suggest that if a man plans to have a Vasectomy  and doesn’t stop thinking about reversing it, then he’s not ready for the surgery.

There Is Some Risk:  Because it is so simple and performed within a day, this operation can be done in a doctor’s office, clinic or hospital. The patient needs to be aware of the potential risks and complications and understand that the procedure, while generally successful, is not guaranteed to make you sterile.

Therefore, it is important that men get all their questions answered before signing the surgery consent form.

Despite being very safe, like all other operations, there are possible risks and complications of Vasectomy , such as bleeding and infection.

Other potential problems that can arise are sperm granuloma (a small, harmless lump can form where the vas deferens is sealed); sperm buildup, which can cause pain in the testicles (anti-inflammatories can provide relief) and epididymitis, an inflammation that can cause scrotal pain and often goes away without treatment (anti-inflammatories can also provide comfort).

Reconnection of the vas deferens can also occur, which makes a man fertile again and can result in an unwanted pregnancy – but this is very rare. Another rather rare condition is long-term testicular discomfort.

Eventually, sperm antibodies form as the body’s common response to absorbed sperm. They can make a man infertile, even if he later tries to reverse his Vasectomy .

Men Undergoing this Type of Treatment Will Lose Their Masculinity: This statement is not true, because there is no relationship between Vasectomy  and the individual’s sexual potency and/or performance. Vasectomy  doesnot cause sexual impotence .

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