Most carbohydrate-rich foods

Foods richer in carbohydrates are a way to guide those who want to absorb or avoid carbohydrates . In addition, many think that foods rich in carbohydrates are the villains of food or that they are responsible for weight gain. However, anyone looking for a healthy and balanced diet needs to rethink this concept. To give you an idea, healthy weight loss does not eliminate them, as they are essential in burning fat. In our body, fat is our energy store. If we don’t consume another source of energy (carbs), the body will keep the fat for a moment of emergency and burn the muscles.

Despite being essential, we need to be careful with the amount we ingest. This nutritional group is rich in sugar, and if consumed in abundance it can harm the body and facilitate weight gain. A good way to see if you are abusing this nutrient is to pay attention to your plate.

As we have already said in another post, a balanced dish has in its half vegetables, legumes and vegetables, a quarter and a quarter of proteins. Access the other post to learn more how to maintain a healthy menu.

What are carbohydrates?

Just as your smartphone needs battery to function properly and perform the functions you want, your body needs energy to work properly. And one of the ways to offer energy to the body is precisely consuming carbohydrates .

It is that after being absorbed, they release glucose and provide fuel to the body. They are the sugars, fiber and starches found in foods such as dairy products, fruits, grains and vegetables and other foods made from them. In addition, they are composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. So, now check out the 15 Foods Richest in Carbohydrates:

1. Popcorn:

By containing a high amount of fiber three times more fiber compared to sunflower seeds, popcorn satiates hunger for longer, and also balances blood sugar levels. That’s just 31 calories (one cup).

2. Tomato:

The glycemic index of tomatoes is also 20, however, its carbohydrate content per 100 g is approximately 4 g.

3. Rice:

Rice is the most consumed cereal in the world after wheat. In addition to being economical, it is one of the richest foods in carbohydrates , approximately 80%. Therefore, it is an ideal source of energy before physical exercise.

4. Whole grains:

Whole grains are loaded with low glycemic carbs, which serve as the fuel needed to perform various activities.

5. Bread:

Bread is one of the  good Carbohydrate Rich Foods when it is made from fiber bran because it increases the food bolus. Wheat bran is a nutrient that contains protein , fat , minerals and even a percentage of water.

6. Tapioca:

This food belonging to the tuber group is a healthy source of carbohydrates  due to its high starch content. Therefore, tapioca is low in cholesterol.

7. Skimmed yogurt:

The glycemic index of low-fat yogurt is 33, it is part of the Foods Rich in Carbohydrates . A 160 g pot of the Nestlé brand product has 7.8 g of carbohydrates .

8. Chickpeas:

The grain has 42 as its glycemic index and in 100 g of the food there are around 30 g of carbohydrates.

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