10 Parenting Mistakes That Ruin Baby’s Sleep!

Parenting mistakes that ruin baby’s sleep exist because if you’re having trouble with baby’s sleep you’ve probably done something wrong. Are you making one of those mistakes many parents make that can ruin their baby’s sleep?

It’s very easy to make a parenting mistake. We all do it day in and day out, but that doesn’t mean we can’t educate ourselves to avoid future mistakes. If your child doesn’t always “sleep like a baby,” you may need to learn from 20 sleepy mistakes that other parents unconsciously make. So, here are the 20  Mistakes Parents Make that Ruin Baby’s Sleep:

1. Waiting Too Long To Put Baby To Sleep:

This is one of the main  mistakes that parents make that ruin their baby’s sleep. Also, how many times have you heard a baby screaming in public only to hear her father say, “Oh, she’s tired.” This is often the correct diagnosis, but you don’t have to wait until your baby is crying out for rest. In fact, they’d probably appreciate you acknowledging her exhaustion before they get agitated.

Pay close attention, and you’ll learn your little one’s subtle cues that it’s time to find a quiet place, dim the lights, and snuggle in a safe, familiar environment.

Here’s a quick list of tricks for some of the most common ways babies say, “I’m sleepy”:

  • Change in facial expression
  • rubbing eyes
  • looking into space
  • Closed fists
  • yawning

2. Underestimating the Power of a Bedtime Routine. (This is a big one!)

Another one of the big mistakes that parents make that ruin their baby’s sleep. Also, there was a time when kids of all ages were put at the same time every night with a hot bath, story time, and night light.

Parents are much busier today, and women are more likely to have full-time jobs, businesses to run, and other responsibilities that go beyond running the household and taking care of the kids. That means more parents are doing away with simple parenting strategies like a consistent bedtime.

This is always a mistake, because babies need consistency and routine to sleep well. They naturally adapt to your schedule and start to feel tired around this time. This makes it much easier to get baby to sleep, and that often means longer nap times so parents get more rest. Do everyone a favor and develop a bedtime routine that is consistently performed at the same time each day.

3. Skip the Bedtime Routine (Even “Just This Time.”)

This is another one of the mistakes parents make that ruin their baby’s sleep. Even when parents understand the value of a bedtime routine , there are times when they may find it convenient to keep baby awake later or try to convince baby to sleep a little earlier.

The end result is frustration as the baby gets tired and starts to twitch towards the end. Many babies simply refuse to go to bed early because their body tells them it’s still playtime.

It’s often easier to work social events around baby’s time rather than throwing baby’s schedule out the window. If you have to be out later, make sure you have a stroller, a portable bed (our favorite!) or another safe place where your little one can rest if needed.

You should wait a night or two for the baby to readjust to your bedtime routine once the schedule is broken.

Not only do studies indicate that babies and young children who don’t have a regular bedtime routine have more behavioral problems. Additionally, children who adopt regular bedtime routines may get more sleep at night.

4. Let Baby Trust a Parent or Caregiver:

This is a big problem and can occur for a variety of reasons. A parent or housewife may feel that he has to do everything because he doesn’t want to bother his spouse, who is already stressed out from work and other issues outside the home. Other parents may simply feel that no one can care for their baby better than they can.

Regardless of the reason, you have to let your spouse or other trusted adult in and help out when you’re overwhelmed or just plain exhausted. If you don’t, you will end up making mistakes that interrupt your baby’s sleep or even lead to sleep problems that last for days, weeks, or even years.

5. Respond to Every Little Sound or Shake:

This is one of the main mistakes that parents make that ruin their baby’s sleep. Also, babies naturally make sounds while they sleep, and there’s no reason to respond to most of them.

It’s possible that your baby is dreaming or is simply going through different stages of sleep, which can make him or her more alert at certain times during the night. If you run into the room and pick him up every time he makes a sound, you’ll wake him up accidentally.

Try to relax and respond only when you’re sure your baby is awake or if there’s another problem you need to address. Over time, you will learn to recognize the sounds your baby makes while sleeping and waking up.

You may also find that your baby sometimes lulls itself back to sleep without your help. This is healthy development that you want to encourage.

6. Try to Put Baby to Sleep While the Rest of the Family Plays Different Music:

This is one of the mistakes that parents make that ruin their baby’s sleep  very common. Also, would you be able to sleep if there was a party going on right outside your door? Probably not, and neither can your baby. If the rest of your home is active when you want your baby to sleep, make sure the action is taking place away from the baby’s room.

Using a sound machine or app to play noise or other soft sounds in the nursery can help, but everyone in the family should be mindful of the baby’s need for rest. Once baby hears something that says others are awake, they naturally want to know what’s going on and causing baby’s sleep problems for the rest of the night!

7. Get the Baby Used to Sleeping with Mother or Father:

Getting the baby used to sleeping with the parents is one of the main  mistakes that parents make that ruin their baby’s sleep. Also, have you ever felt so exhausted by a baby that just wouldn’t sleep to be around you? Many fussy babies only settle down and sleep if they have the warmth and security of a parent, but this can have a lasting impact on your baby’s sleep habits. They may get the message that enough time gets them into bed, and they want to be in your bed.

While we’re big fans of sleeping together, it’s best to stay consistent with your normal sleep routines, even if it means you and your spouse must tag the team every night when your baby doesn’t want to sleep. Giving in on a night of exhaustion can easily lead to a child not sleeping alone. The years go by so quickly, and this habit is instilled so easily.

8. Allowing Too Much Sleep During the Day Due to Unstructured Schedules:

Are you a freedom-loving parent who doesn’t care much about schedules and routines? Of course, you can allow your baby to fall into this free lifestyle, but they don’t always accept it naturally. When you let too much sleep during the day, you can mistakenly create a night owl that just doesn’t want to switch off when you’re tired.

You may need to set some boundaries, wake up a baby who has been sleeping too long at the wrong times, and choose a consistent bedtime so that your baby has the structure he needs to sleep well.

9. Not Trying Enough to Entertain Baby During Waking Hours:

This is also one of the mistakes that parents make that ruin their baby’s sleep. Also, how often does your baby get mental and physical stimulation throughout the day? If they sit around without interacting with others for too long, they can get bored like adults with nothing to do.

Make sure your baby has plenty of time to talk to you, sing along to good music, stretch those muscles with tummy time, read books, and go outdoors to learn about the greater world. You’ll be rewarded with a more tired baby ready for the night.

10. Don’t Let Baby Learn to Calm Down:

Sleep-dependent babies are unable or unwilling to settle down to sleep. They are so used to being rocked, bounced or massaged to sleep that they won’t go to sleep without that comfort. In some cases, these loving behaviors become cues that tell the baby it’s time for bed. In other cases, the baby simply associates that comfort with sleep because it’s all they’ve ever known.

You will naturally soothe your baby to sleep in the newborn stage because it’s comforting for both of you, but make sure you give your baby a chance to settle down to sleep at least part-time.

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This doesn’t mean letting a baby scream and cry until he’s too tired to continue. It simply means making the baby comfortable and happy with the expected sleep time, and then allowing him to fall asleep in her own way. The earlier you start, the more used to independent sleep your baby will become.

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