Micellar water – what is it for? what benefits?

Micellar water  is a product that has actives capable of bonding to the dirt on our skin  like a soap  or detergent , providing a feeling of cleanliness to the region where it is applied.

It is so called because its active principle is the micelle, a compound made from liquid crystal. Micelles are often used in other hygiene and cleaning products, medicines and nanotechnology.

Just like micellar water, regular water also has a purifying ability. However, it is a commodity that has received some elements to become useful to society.

Micellar has been successful in Europe for years. There’s an international top model who carries hers in her purse and doesn’t accept anything but her to change her make-up at the fashion week shows. There’s more: it works as a makeup remover, sanitizer and tonic !

What is micellar water used for?

Micellar water  serves both as a make-up remover and as a facial tonic  but can be used to simply cleanse the skin , even without make-up.

It respects the physiological balance of the skin , being useful for sensitive skin, in such a way that, they say, it doesn’t even need to be rinsed, but there are controversies. It is used to cleanse, tone and balance the skin ‘s natural ph .

Micellar water benefits:

1. It has a calming action:

Some micellar water models have soothing, anti-oxidant, moisturizing properties. In view of this, it can also be used after performing dermatological procedures, for example, peeling.

2. Helps to remove makeup:

As we have seen so far, micellar water  ‘s main function is to eliminate skin impurities . In view of this, it can also be used to remove light makeup  . People who have oily skin can benefit from using it, as regular makeup remover can often make the skin ‘s oiliness worse .

A waterproof makeup would need an appropriate product to be removed and should be followed by rinsing so that it does not worsen the oiliness or even cause acne. Some people use micellar water as a primer. However, there are better products to meet this need.

3. Improves skin health:

Micellar water  does not contain parabens or surfactants, substances that can cause skin irritation  and are often present in soaps, shampoos, detergents and fragrances.

Therefore, it can be considered a ?with soap ? more modern. Some manufacturers even add nutrients such as mineral salts, softening and moisturizing actives. Others have oil controlling agents.

It is worth adding that because it has a greater capacity than conventional products to clean the skin , it can also tone the region where it is applied. This feature also makes it possible to reduce the oiliness of the skin  without drying it out.

How to use micellar water?

In addition, this water can be used any time it requires cleaning:

  • Upon waking to prepare the skin .
  • During the day, to eliminate excess oil
  • To remove makeup
  • To cleanse the skin  of pollution
  • At bedtime to leave skin  fresh and clean

Tips for using micellar water:

  • Use cotton with a good coverage area
  • Run the water along the entire length of the cotton
  • Change cotton if it is very dirty
  • Rinse or not, according to your preference (we remind you that running water is never bad, in fact, it’s only good. Our tip is, whenever you can, after cleaning, rinse and dry your face gently using a clean towel).

Mistakes when using micellar water:

  • Always apply before your other beauty and makeup products
  • Also apply to the hairline and neck.
  • Do not rub the cotton on the face, pass it gently allowing the liquid to penetrate the skin .

Can micellar water be made at home?

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Micellar water  has added substances. For this to happen, it is necessary that it has the help of specific technology. Therefore, there is no way to prepare it at home.

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