10 medicinal herbs to have at home!

The medicinal herbs to have at home that you will enjoy are many, as they can help fight less serious illnesses and also provide aromas. Medicinal herbs are easy to use to cure common ailments at home and don’t take a lot of effort when looking for, growing or gathering them. Some are as common as Garlic , recognized as a strong antibiotic and widely used to treat colds, coughs and respiratory infections, and others will need to be found at health food stores or garden centers like Arnica , ideas for relieving muscle or joint pain and even low back pain .

The truth is that planning a herbarium is simple and just choose your favorite plants and grow them. But, to make everything simpler, a good way to start the medicinal herb garden is to plant the most known and used first. Naturally, we will select herbs that thrive in the climate of the place where we live and choose carefully what kind of pot or box we will grow them in. Study factors such as the sun well, since each plant needs different requirements and places them according to the needs of each plant.


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Lavender is one of the medicinal herbs to have at home. In addition, this aromatic plant has multiple benefits, although the most common are related to the nervous system. Its aroma helps to reduce levels of Stress , Anxiety  and insomnia and its properties alleviate headaches and muscle pain.

So, you know, plants can become great health allies, although, of course, they should never replace a timely medical review.

Aloe Vera:

Also called aloe , it is one of the best medicinal herbs to have at home, in addition, it is easy to maintain and has multiple benefits. Its anti-inflammatory properties help relieve muscle pain and reduce swelling from blows or insect bites. In the juice controls Gastritis or Colitis and its gel is used to decongest the airways. For example, if you have a cough, you can spread it on your chest and back, put a flannel or newspaper over those areas, and go to sleep. You will feel like new.


Rosemary is a good choice of medicinal herbs to have at home, due to its components, the essence of this plant reduces Stress and Anxiety , calms Migraines , improves blood circulation and promotes hair growth. In the kitchen, it serves to flavor different dishes; and, as a tea, it helps as an analgesic, facilitates the digestion of fats, and helps to cleanse the gallbladder.


Chamomile is mainly consumed as an infusion to cure stomachaches and indigestion, as its compounds help to regenerate the gastric mucosa. On the other hand, it reduces discomfort during menstruation and serves for mild eye infections, moistening the nose and throat and, if that weren’t enough, its relaxing properties help us when we are sad or tense, making it one of the best medicinal herbs to have . at home.


Mint  is one of the most used medicinal herbs . It can be taken in tea to eliminate stomach inflammation, indigestion, dizziness and nausea. Whether in essence or through its leaves, peppermint cures headaches , is useful against burns, insect bites and skin irritation. It is also used to prepare drinks and is an excellent condiment (try putting a little in chicken broth and you will see how it tastes noticeably better).


This aromatic and easy-to-preserve plant is widely used in the kitchen. Its leaves are included in pizzas, pastas, salads, soups and fish. In health matters, Basil serves against Nausea s, vomiting, intestinal cramps and parasites. Its properties serve to calm the nerves, improve the immune system and fight acne .


Dandelion is one of the medicinal herbs that uses leaves and roots in natural remedies such as a diuretic, mild laxative and liver detoxifier.


As an ointment, arnica works against muscle pain, bumps, bruises, stretch marks and acne, thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. However, it can cause reaction and irritation on delicate skin, so you should be careful when applying it.


Garlic (Allium sativum) is a powerful immunostimulating antiviral that protects against various infections.


This medicinal herb is mainly used for gastrointestinal problems such as flatulence, poor digestion , liver malfunction and bad breath. It also helps relieve rheumatic pain, arthritis, tears, sprains and pain caused by menstruation.

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