The 3 Main Causes of Meningitis You Should Never Ignore

The Main Causes of Meningitis You Should Never Ignore. In addition,  meningitis is a disease characterized by inflammation  of the meninges , membranes that surround the cerebrum (part of the brain ). It can be viral, fungal  or bacterial and mainly affects children between 0 to 5 years old, bacterial  and viral are the most severe and can cause paralysis. There are specific symptoms and treatment for each type of meningitis , it is a non-contagious disease and has a vaccine provided for in the SUS (Unified Health System) vaccination schedule.

Meningitis is an inflammation  of the meninges , which are the membranes that surround the brain . There are several types of meningitis, and for each of them there is a specific cause and symptoms. So, check out The Top 3 Causes Of Meningitis You Should Never Ignore.

Causes of Meningitis:  Most cases of meningitis are caused by viruses  or bacteria , but the disease can also be transmitted via fungi. Other factors can also trigger meningitis , such as allergies  to certain medications, some types of cancer  and also inflammation . Know the main types of existing meningitis :

1# Fungal Meningitis : It is the most common , caused by viruses  , also caused by bacteria . Fungal meningitis can become chronic due to the ongoing inflammatory process of the meninges (membrane that surrounds the brain and spinal cord), which can cause serious complications such as hydrocephalus and interruption of cerebral blood flow. Fungal meningitis is rarer than viral and bacterial meningitis, being more common in immunosuppressed patients, such as in cases of AIDS and cancer, for example.

2# Viral Meningitis:  it can be caused by different types of viruses  and is the most common and least dangerous form of meningitis , as it often doesn’t even require treatment. The viruses  that cause meningitis can be transmitted via contaminated food, water, and objects and are most common between late summer and early autumn.

3# Bacterial Meningitis:  it is the most serious of all. It usually occurs when bacteria  enter the bloodstream and migrate to the brain . It can also happen that the disease is triggered after an ear infection, fracture or, more rarely, after surgery. There is more than one bacteria  capable of transmitting the disease.

 Meningitis Symptoms : Meningitis symptoms can be confused with cold and flu symptoms. These symptoms can take a few hours or even two days to appear after the patient is infected. Meningitis affects thecentral nervous system, causing great discomfort to the patient. Therefore, in case of sudden discomfort it is very important to seek the help of a doctor. The main symptoms of meningitis can be:

Treatment for Meningitis:  Treatment for meningitis will depend on the diagnosis, as there are several types of the disease and each is addressed in a different way. Viral meningitis does not have a specific treatment. Generally, the recommendations are rest, plenty of fluid intake and prescription of analgesics to relieve pain .

In some cases, the doctor may prescribe an antiviral, depending on the patient’s situation. For meningitis caused by fungi , treatment is given by means of fungicides. This treatment is very delicate as it can cause unpleasant side effects.

Treatment of bacterial meningitis  is done with antibiotics and corticosteroids  and should be started as soon as possible. The types of drugs will be indicated according to the type of meningitis , once the bacteria  that caused the disease is identified.

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