The 2 Main Causes of Lipedema!

The Main Causes of Lipedema  that everyone should be aware of. In addition,  Lipedema  is a painful disorder of fat deposition in the legs, which leads to progressive enlargement of the lower limbs. Like Lipedema  (accumulation of lymph in the soft tissues of the body), Lipedema  has no cure, but it is manageable. However, if not treated properly, it can reduce mobility, interfere with daily activities and lead to secondary lymphedema. So, check out The 2 Main Causes of Lipedema:

Causes of Lipedema:  The cause is unknown, but doctors suspect female hormones play a role. That’s because the condition primarily affects women, and it often begins or worsens at puberty, during pregnancy, after gynecological surgery, and around the time of menopause .

Scientists also believe that genes are involved, because many women with the condition have family members with the condition.

Prevention of Lipedema: Playing  sports and eating a healthy diet helps a lot during the early stages of Lipedema . Patients should play sports about three times a week for at least 45 minutes in each session (the body doesn’t start burning fat until after 30 minutes). It is essential to wear compression garments during sports activities. They help prevent swelling as better circulation presses more water into the tissues.

Treatments For Lipedema:  Diet and exercise will not reduce the fat involved in Lipedema . But it’s still important to do these things because they can help you lose weight from nonlipedema fat and reduce inflammation . A treatment called complete decongestant therapy can relieve painful symptoms.

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