10 Signs That Show Low Serotonin Levels!

Low serotonin levels  can lead to negative feelings, worries or irritations. So, a serotonin deficit can make you feel pessimistic, sad, suspicious, or it can make you have a panic attack. It can also cause depression, anxiety and other health disorders. Serotonin acts as a neurotransmitter, a type of chemical that helps transmit signals from one area of ​​the brain to another.

This neurotransmitter is a powerful substance in the brain that, with its presence or absence, has a great influence on our state of mind. Thus, determining whether neurons do not release it or capture it in sufficient numbers from synapses is an essential first step in overcoming problems related to impulse control and mood.

Signs that show low serotonin levels:

1. Causes irritation all the time:

If you get angry all the time, if you have mood swings or just feel on edge, for example, serotonin deficiency sometimes results in impulsive behavior and aggression. But when you restore low serotonin levels of  this neurotransmitter, you can improve brain function and impulsivity. “When your serotonin levels are where they should be, you are more flexible in your thinking.

You feel happier and more open to other people’s views and therefore feel more carefree and carefree. When you rely too much on a linear way of thinking, you’re a little “hurt” and rigid. This could be a sign that you might be using more serotonin ,” says psychotherapist and Zen neuromarketing strategist Michele Paiva in an email interview with Bustle.

2. Causes depression:

“Women struggling with depression often have low serotonin levels . They do not seek emotions (as dopamine deficiency can express), but tend to withdraw and isolate themselves. If you think you’re in a space of sadness and sadness or The Dark Cloud is following you with very little or no hope, you may have a serotonin deficiency, ” says Paiva. Even if you believe your thoughts are depressive, talk to a doctor or therapist before diagnosing yourself.

3. Awakens a huge desire for chocolates:

Carbohydrates are generally desired by people who have low serotonin levels . When you don’t have this neurotransmitter, you look for a “quick fix” to get those low levels back. Hence chocolate and bread. “Women who have desires. The temporary rise in serotonin  you get from hot chocolate dripping in flour and sugar is also a quick drop, resulting in cravings.

Your body isn’t craving junk, it’s craving feeling happy, and you can achieve it in many other ways, but craving is the quick fix for many women who are disabled. When sweets and starches become your silent partners in crime, it’s time to love them from afar! ” says Paiva.

4. Allows you to have a peaceful sleep:

Serotonin is vital in helping you sleep. Normally, high levels of this neurotransmitter are related to being awake, while low levels of serotonin are associated with sleep. In addition, serotonin helps produce melatonin from the pineal gland, which allows you to have a peaceful sleep. “If you wake up and then turn around and worry.

When you have healthy serotonin levels , your body doesn’t have to wake up to “stay alert for danger. ‘ That’s where your low serotonin levels  start to be the enemy, you need to balance them and win, that’s a cycle. create – get this – lower serotonin levels,” says Paiva.

5. Causes anxiety problems:

Having low serotonin levels can trigger anxiety issues, obsessive thoughts, and even excessive anger. “Do you see a theme? Worry is ugly, both at night and during the day. If you feel stressed, agitated, with generalized anxiety or panic, you may also be seeing a significant serotonin deficiency . We all have ups and downs in life, which is part of the awakened Zen experience – knowing that we have suffering. However, part of the Zen experience is embracing each moment.

6. Causes appetite changes:

When your mood changes, eating habits are often also in flux, brought on by low serotonin levels . Some may eat more to feel better or refrain from eating due to depressive thoughts. “If your appetite and the amount of sleep you get are drastically changing, these are two more signs that your serotonin is out of control. This could be eating too much or too little, and sleeping too much or having insomnia ,” says psychologist Nicole Martinez Psy. .D., LCPC, in an email interview with Bustle.

7. Causes lack of motivation:

You can clear your calendar and stay more often if you have low serotonin levels . Having normal serotonin levels often provides a calm and pleasant feeling to help you interact with others. But without this, it could result in a lack of motivation to hang out with friends and family. “You may be isolating and not wanting to go out and interact. I think you naturally see that this time, if the year is too, then you have to push and motivate yourself more than usual,” says Martinez.

8. Causes frequent headaches:

According to some studies. They claim there is a link between low serotonin levels and  headaches. “Fluctuations in brain serotonin levels are strongly associated with chronic tension, migraine and migraine. When muscle tensions or the hyperexcitatory neuronal state stimulate the trigeminal nerve, a sensory cranial nerve, it releases various chemicals. These substances cause inflammation .” of the trigeminal nerve. When inflammation and blood vessels interact, blood vessels dilate, which causes pain.”

9. Interfere not orgasm:

Here the problem is not low levels of serotonin , but its excess. When there is too much of this neurotransmitter present, this relationship can even interfere with orgasm. This situation is quite common in people who use antidepressant medications , which can sometimes help in the treatment of premature ejaculation .

10. Causes low self-esteem:

Low serotonin levels  could contribute to low self-esteem. And when you’re not 100% great, you may not have the motivation to take care of yourself. “You find yourself practicing poor self-care. You need to step back and look at that, and make these small but important changes,” says Martinez.


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If you believe you have low serotonin levels or have these symptoms, don’t panic. With a few lifestyle changes (ie exercise, eating healthier, meditating, etc.), you can increase your serotonin levels . However, be sure to speak with a doctor if you want a professional opinion.

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