Low Back Pain – What, Causes and Treatments

What is Low Back Pain? Low back pain (low back pain or lumbago) is not a disease, but a symptom can appear for different causes, some simple, others complex.

It is the painful manifestation that happens in the lumbar region (lower part of the back, in the lower region of the spine, close to the pelvis), due to some abnormality in this region of the body.

The lumbar region is a very important area of ​​the spine, made up of five vertebrae that support much of the individual’s weight and give the body flexibility.

Between them are fibrocartilage discs, which prevent them from touching each other. In the spaces between the vertebrae emerge the nerve roots.

Daí que essa complexa estrutura seja muito sujeita a patologias, quase sempre dolorosas. Confira a seguir os Tipos de Lombalgia.

Os Tipos de Lombalgia: Há dos tipos de lombalgia: aguda e crônica. A forma aguda é o “mau jeito”. A dor é forte e aparece subitamente depois de um esforço físico. Ocorre na população mais jovem. A forma crônica geralmente acontece entre os mais velhos; a dor não é tão intensa, porém, é quase permanente.

The Causes of Low Back Pain:  In most cases, back pain or low back pain is due to a relaxed back, postural pain ( low back pain ) or mechanical problems of the spine as a result of stress or poor posture. In addition, other possible causes of low back pain can be:

  • Repetitive efforts.
  • Excess weight to which the column is subjected.
  • Obesity.
  • Sedentary lifestyle.
  • Inadequate physical conditioning.
  • Bad position to sit, lie down, stoop to the floor or carry a heavy object.
  • Bad posture at work.
  • injuries.
  • Aging-related causes such as osteoarthritis (parrot’s beak) and osteoporosis.
  • Other times, low back pain can be caused by inflammation, infection, herniated discs, slipping vertebrae, and even emotional issues.

How is Low Back Pain Diagnosed?:  More than 90% of the time, the cause and diagnosis of Low Back Pain is made with a good conversation with the patient and a well done physical exam. In case of doubt, the next step is a plain radiography. Densitometry is a test used in osteoporosis, but osteoporosis does not cause pain. What hurts is the spontaneous fracture of a vertebra weakened by osteoporosis. Therefore, in most cases, densitometry is not necessary in cases of low back pain .

Treatment For Low Back Pain?:  Treatment depends on the cause of the back pain. Surgery may sometimes be necessary, usually when there is severe neurological impairment (lumbar canal stenosis, nerve root involvement, scoliosis, postural deformities, etc.). In addition, when there is an identified cause, it should be removed if possible.

Symptomatic treatments should involve anesthetic and anti-inflammatory drugs. Sedatives can be used to keep patients at rest because in acute crises exercise is totally contraindicated. Surgical treatment is only indicated in a small percentage of patients, when pain persists despite clinical treatments. Even cases of herniated discs do not necessarily have to be operated on, because almost all regress with bed rest.

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