5 ways to lose weight after childbirth up to 6 kg!

The ways to lose weight after childbirth work, because it’s every woman’s desire and it’s nothing out of the ordinary to add a few pounds during pregnancy . The body is transformed and is dedicated to accumulating fat for when you have to breastfeed.

In addition, it is also normal that, after having the baby in your arms, you ask how to lose weight after childbirth or how long it will take to regain your ideal weight, the one you had before pregnancy. Well, we have good news, if you want to lose weight after giving birth , we have the solution for you.

Take note and get used to the idea that following a healthy, balanced diet during postpartum is one of the keys. After 9 months of pregnancy , with all the changes you’ve experienced to bring your baby into the world, your body is not in the same shape as before. This also shows in the mirror.

Therefore, after giving birth, you need to take care of yourself in a special way and progressively recover. Getting your body back sooner takes time. With a little patience and following these tips that will help you  lose weight after childbirth  will be very easy for you.

How Long Does It Take to Lose Weight After Childbirth?

Your body needed 9 months before your child was born, you need some time to recover and you don’t want to make it into a plasma plus. Your body deserves a break, no one can demand anything from you, nor should you demand a body when you leave the hospital. Besides, you’ve just become a mom, what more can you ask for? It’s obvious that if you haven’t gained weight during your pregnancy in record time, your belly will be tight and you’ll be as good as ever.

But even if you don’t want to believe it, most women take months to lose weight after childbirth and that’s how it should be. Also, don’t put yourself on deadlines, not even a month or two or three. Regaining weight and figure after pregnancy  is something that happens in the long term, don’t overload yourself and enjoy motherhood without complexes.

How to Lose Weight After Childbirth:

1. Quarantine is Sacred:

Be patient, after a few days and weeks of delivery you will start to notice the first changes. Getting Started Slimming After Childbirth , you will deflate and your feet, ankles and legs will return to their normal size.

Plus, fluid retention will be a thing of the past and you’ll be putting on your favorite shoes again: first challenge achieved. During quarantine, it is forbidden to go on a restrictive diet. Focus on the most important thing, your baby and your physical recovery from the strain of work.

Little by little the uterus will return to its small size and the  abdominal muscles will also close. Do not make efforts at home, nor intense exercises or even abs will make you lose weight after childbirth,  as this can harm your body.

Also, try to stretch out or sit up as much as you can, especially in the first few weeks. Adapting to new schedules, not sleeping, the uproar of crying, breastfeeding, diapers and more or less inconvenient visits. Later you will worry about the extra pounds.

2. Diet or Eat Balanced?

Is it better to start a diet? Well, no, not always, it depends on each case. If you want to lose weight after childbirth it is not necessary. Just eat healthier, add lots of fruit and vegetables to your menus. Follow a balanced diet and organize your dishes as we will tell you here.

Also, in this way, you will lose weight after childbirth without realizing it. In any case, if you really gained a lot of weight during your pregnancy  and your excess weight starts to be problematic, put yourself in the hands of a nutritionist or nutritionist to help you out and set guidelines to follow.

3. Breastfeeding:

Did you know that during breastfeeding almost 500 calories are burned daily? Is very. That’s why most of the time you lose weight after childbirth  without needing a diet, just breastfeed and watch what you eat a little, and you will lose weight after childbirth  for sure. During pregnancy , the body is concerned with storing fat to have reserves for breastfeeding. It takes a lot of effort for a mother to produce milk for the baby, in fact, breastfeeding means more wear and tear for the mother than the pregnancy itself .

4. Exercise Yes, But Gentle:

You can’t start doing sit-ups without control, as we said it’s important to respect the quarantine. The musculature of the abdomen has to return to its place little by little and it will not do so if you crush yourself doing sit-ups. Instead, if you want to lose weight after giving birth , start doing hypopressive scabs after those first 40 days. They will help a lot to regain your waist and strengthen your pelvic floor muscle set.

At the same time, combine it with gentle walks to help you lose weight after giving birth . Little by little you can increase the intensity of the exercise without any problems, but slowly and progressively. Much better if you let yourself be guided by a professional. It doesn’t matter if before or during pregnancy  you play or don’t play any sport. The important thing is that you start little by little, progressively increasing the intensity of the exercises . It’s best to save impact sports like running for later when you’re fully recovered.

5. Patience and Realistic Goals:

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Weight Loss After Childbirth  is not everything. You need patience, you have to go little by little. Like we said what you did in nine months, you can’t undo it in two. You have to set realistic goals and choose common sense. Set goals that you can achieve. Never trust miracle diets, let alone now. Forget about taking sweets, cookies, sweets and saturated fats every day, as this will not help you to lose weight after childbirth, get focus and seriousness in your goal and we guarantee that the tips mentioned above will be effective.

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