Liver Fat – Symptoms and Natural Treatments!

Fat in the liver is nothing more than an accumulation of fat inside the cells of the organ, we can also call it fatty liver disease.

In our organism there is no such thing as one organ being more important than another. They all work together for a good functioning of our system, and if one is faulty, or damaged in some way soon, the others will be overloaded and this will generate a decay, slowly but generally.

The liver is the organ of the human body responsible for our detoxification, when we consume drugs, drugs or heavy foods, it acts to eliminate these substances from our body. It also metabolizes the cholesterol present in our system and produces the bile responsible for digesting food in the stomach .

What is Liver Fat?

The liver is responsible for performing more than 500 functions within our body, liver problems can be of alcoholic or non-alcoholic origin, depending on whether or not the patient is listening to alcoholic beverages.

Which Natural Treatment?

Natural treatment (hepatic steatosis) is done with diet and physical exercises to lose weight. As there is no medicine capable of curing it, losing weight and avoiding alcoholic beverages turn out to be the most effective and indicated treatment.

Liver Fat Diet:

Decrease your carbohydrate intake:

Bread, pasta, potatoes and rice should be eaten in small amounts. Sweets, cookies, cakes and soft drinks should be avoided. Carbohydrates are the body’s fuel, but if consumed in excess, they are stored as body fat, which also accumulates in the liver;

Cut back on saturated fats:

Sausages, fried foods, red meat, crackers, yellow cheeses, chocolate. Examples of foods rich in saturated fat that should be avoided in the diet are ; Increase consumption of vegetables, fruits and vegetables: They are rich in fiber, which contribute to lowering cholesterol levels. It is known that high cholesterol is related to accumulation;

Is Fat in the Liver Curable?

Liver fat is curable. Even in the most serious cases, where the liver is inflamed, it is possible to reverse the condition. However, accumulation is very dangerous to health. When it reaches more advanced stages (type II hepatic steatosis). It can progress to serious diseases such as liver cirrhosis, type 2 diabetes and even liver cancer.

Herbal Treatment for Liver Fat:

Green tea is an herb that can help reduce liver fat because it has thermogenic properties. That is, it accelerates metabolism and enhances fat loss naturally. However, the consumption of green tea must be associated with diet and physical exercises to have an effect on weight loss. Daily intake should not exceed 1 litre.

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