Leptin – what it is, benefits, what it is for and how to use it!

Leptin is a hormone with a molecular weight that has a tertiary structure similar to some members of the cytokine family. It is produced mainly by adipocytes or fat cells, and its concentration varies according to the amount of adipose tissue. In obesity , levels are increased. Animals that do not produce leptin become extremely obese.

In addition to its known effect on appetite control, current evidence demonstrates that leptin is involved in body mass control , reproduction, angiogenesis, immunity, wound healing, and cardiovascular function.

What is leptin?

Leptin is one of the hormones that helps regulate how much we weigh. This regulation is mainly done by a region of the central nervous system that is called the hypothalamus, it is known as the hunger hormone, because it notifies your brain when you have eaten enough, and that your energy levels are sufficient.

It is produced by fat cells in the human body that carry information to the hypothalamus. Leptin is like an energy meter, which suppresses food intake inducing weight loss .

Benefits of leptin:

There are researches carried out with the use of recombinant leptin for the treatment of obesity , that is, a synthetic form that could be effective in weight loss. However, the difficulty is separating patients who benefited from those who did not, due to the leptin resistance state .

In studies, it has also been shown to have other functions, such as acting to increase atherosclerosis , but also as a regulator of the menstrual cycle. Here ends an interesting analysis, as we know that the first period in girls happens when they usually reach a weight and an adequate amount of body fat to allow the reproductive axis to function.

In this context, leptin would be a signal to the brain of the amount of fat available in the body. Anyway… the research doesn’t stop. As well as to study the various hormones that act in the regulation of hunger and satiety.

Understanding how this complex system that makes us gain or lose weight is processed is the objective of several areas of knowledge today. We hope that new treatment doors will open soon.

Does Leptin Lose Weight?

In theory yes, but in practice no. By that I mean it’s not that simple. The body has mechanisms to inhibit the loss of fat reserves and, at certain times, it tends to increase. If you start eating little good because you follow a strict diet to lose weight or because you do more exercise, you will lose weight.

But the downside is that you can get into a state of starvation, and in such a situation, the moment you exceed the food you will turn into fat to prevent the decay of vital systems.

Therefore, it is necessary to take any type of dietary supplement with caution, follow an adequate food plan and prolong the time for the metabolism to detect that it is a normal situation and balance the basic functions for the maintenance of life with the essential nutrients that enter the every day and skin .

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It is very important to avoid the rebound effect for weight loss . Something that many people suffer when they leave miracle diets and put on weight again.

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