Kefir weight loss or fattening? take your doubts

For centuries, kefir has been used in European and Asian folk medicine for its nutritional properties. But always had a doubt if kefir lose weight or fatten.

In addition, the beans are used to ferment beverages, also called Tibetan Mushrooms , Yogurt Plants and Yogurt Mushrooms; originated in the Caucasus, and are made up of different microorganisms that help regulate the intestines .

It is a fermented milk product ( cow , goat or sheep’s milk) that tastes like natural drinkable yogurt. The drink contains high levels of vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, vitamin K2, biotin, folate, enzymes and probiotics.

As it does not have a standardized nutritional content, nutritional values ​​may vary based on the milk it is made from. However, even with variation in the range of values, it is an extremely nutritious food. It is rich in nutrients and probiotics, and incredibly useful for improving digestion and intestinal health.

What is kefir for?

Kefir is a fermented milk rich in probiotic bacteria that improve intestinal flora, support immunity and improve intestinal transit, helping to maintain the general health of the body. Grain bacteria can be safely grown at home, and beverage production is easy and resembles natural yogurt production.

As a probiotic food, the main benefits of kefir are:

  • Decrease constipation , as good bacteria improve digestion and improve intestinal transit;
  • Fight intestinal inflammation, as having healthy flora is the main factor in avoiding diseases;
  • Facilitate digestion;
  • Slimming down, because it is rich in proteins and has low calories;
  • Fight osteoporosis, as it is rich in calcium ;
  • Prevent and combat gastritis , especially gastritis caused by the bacterium H. pylori;
  • Strengthen the immune system , as it maintains healthy intestinal flora, which prevents infection by microorganisms through the intestine.

In addition, kefir balances the intestinal flora and improves the absorption of nutrients, being great for those who have undergone antibiotic treatments and need to regulate intestinal transit.

But after all, is kefir slimming or fattening?

kefir fattening? no! On the contrary, he GETS SLIM! Of course, we always have to have balance and moderation at the time of consumption. The grain feeds on the sugars in the milk , so it makes the drink a little acidic. After fermentation, only 1% of sugar (lactose) remains in the milk .

Leaving the drink loaded with nutrients, with more than 50 probiotics in one food. This food also helps to fight anxiety and bring us satiety. Regulates intestinal flora among several other important factors for effective weight loss.

In addition, consumption of kefir helps to lose weight by providing satiety, and with that you decrease food intake. It improves intestinal functioning. Some studies have already found that the microbial population of overweight people is different from the microbial population of thin people. Thus, there appears to be a link between obesity and the type of gut bacteria.

In this sense, according to some experts, various bacteria present in the grain can favor weight loss. It also has very few calories. But the grain alone does not work miracles. It contributes to weight loss, but you also need to really eat and maintain healthy habits.

Side effects:

Although there is no formal contraindication, the fermentation of kefir leads to a small production of alcohol and therefore can be harmful for people with liver disease. In addition, it is also contraindicated in cases of lactose intolerance and milk allergy, and water grain can be used as an alternative , which is made from water or coconut water with demerara or brown sugar instead of milk . Excessive intake of this grain can also cause problems such as abdominal pain and diarrhea.

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