Kala azar in Humans – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Kala-azar in Humans – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment . In addition, kala azar in humans , better known as Leishmaniasis , is a disease that mainly affects the spleen, liver and bone marrow, being easier to spread in rural regions of Brazil, in the Northeast region, but also it can be present in any other place, so it is necessary to be very careful, especially in large urban centers where the number of animals that are loose in the streets and avenues has been growing. 

Currently, Calazar occupies the second position among the parasitic diseases that are killing the most in the world, second only to malaria , which remains the deadliest of all. And the situation tends to get even more complicated as kala- azar is extremely dangerous and is among the tropical diseases that continue to be neglected.

Causes Transmissible By Kala-azar:  Leishmaniasis is transmitted by hematophagous (blood-feeding) insects known as sandflies or sandflies. Sandflies measure from 2 to 3 millimeters in length and due to their small size they are able to pass through mosquito nets and screens. They are yellowish or grayish in color and their wings remain open when they are at rest. Their names vary by locality;

Most common are: straw mosquito, tatuquira, birigui, cangalhinha, white wing, hard wing and straw. The straw or white wing mosquito is more commonly found in damp, dark places, where there are many plants.

Symptoms of Kala azar in Humans:  Kala azar is transmitted by the sand fly or birigui, which passes a protozoan into the bloodstream. The parasite travels through the host’s body and reaches the liver , spleen, and even the bone marrow. If untreated, visceral leishmaniasis (scientific name of the disease) can even kill. Initially, Leishmania parasites cause sores at the sand fly bite site. If the disease progresses, it attacks the immune system. Kala azar manifests two to eight months after infection with more generalized symptoms, includingprolonged fever and weakness. So, check out Some Kala-azar Prevention .

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  • Avoid building houses and camps in areas very close to the forest
  • Carry out extermination, when indicated by the health authorities
  • Avoid bathing in the river or stream, located near the forest
  • Use repellents on the skin , when in the woods of areas where there is the disease
  • Use mosquito nets to sleep
  • Use protective screens on windows and doors.

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