How to whiten groin with white clay in 5 minutes!

Whitening the groin with white clay is something innovative that is 100% effective. Anyone who likes to take care of their beauty has certainly heard of several recipes for How to Lighten the Groin with White Clay in 5 Minutes .

Clays are widely used in aesthetic treatments and bring excellent results. Natural, White Clay is a component of mineral origin, which comes straight from the soil and is composed of aluminum (aluminum oxide), silica (silicon oxide) and water .

All these components make White Clay a source of many benefits for our body, especially for our skin  and hair . In addition, it has a very affordable price and can be easily found in health food stores.

Clay comes in the form of a very fine powder and, among all the others, it has the closest pH to our skin . Before seeing How to Lighten the Groin with White Clay in 5 Minutes , let’s also see some benefits that White Clay can offer us and how it is able to make skin  and hair more beautiful!


1. Improves skin health:

White Clay can be used for a variety of purposes. She is one of the most suitable for those who have  sensitive skin and is great to help with healing , helps to hydrate the skin , revitalizes and also manages to offer a good whitening action, helping to remove stains .

For those who suffer from acne, White Clay can also help, as the powder can “suck” excess oil from the skin .

2. Fights stretch marks:

And isn’t White Clay also able to improve the appearance of older stretch marks? The recipe is quite simple: just mix a dessert spoon of clay with two dessert spoons of milk . Now just apply, let it dry completely and rinse.

Promotes hair health:

From time to time it is necessary to do a hair detox, that is, a deeper cleaning of the wires and scalp. Therefore, you will now learn a practical recipe on how to do this using White Clay .

Just mix mineral water with White Clay until it forms a paste that can be applied to the scalp easily. Leave the product for about 20 minutes and then remove it with water . White Clay is a great ally of beauty and, as it is a natural product, it can be used without fear. Now that you know some Benefits of White Clay , also check out How to Whiten Your Groin with White Clay in 5 Minutes:

How to whiten groin with white clay in 5 minutes:

The treatment of How to Lighten the Groin with White Clay in 5 Minutes is also indicated for all the darkened areas that you usually shave: armpits, legs, groin (including the most intimate areas, which can be naturally darker), upper lip and face (for men who usually shave their beards).

It can be done 2 (two) days after waxing and up to 2 (two) times a week.

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The White Clay has a pH very close to the skin  and due to the high percentage of aluminum, it accelerates healing , reduces inflammation, has a purifying, antiseptic, astringent, remineralizing action, smoothes and helps to  lighten skin blemishes .

  • The first step is to choose a good clay. Be sure to check its quality. Try to use those with certification and seals, such as Ecocert. The use of non-certified clay, in addition to not guaranteeing the expected results, can cause irritation and/or deposit impurities on the skin ;
  • The amount depends on the region you want to apply. The proportion is 10g of White Clay for 1 (one) tablespoon full of  mineral water . Do not use metal containers or instruments to wrap the mixture;
  • Wash the area well before applying the mixture;
  • Apply with a clean brush and leave on for 20 minutes. In the meantime, try to hydrate yourself, take the opportunity to read or meditate;
  • Remove the clay with water  little by little. After application, the ideal is to spray thermal water  (see a homemade recipe here) and let it dry naturally. So the skin breathes a little.
  • Finally, use a moisturizing vegetable oil like chamomile or your favorite moisturizer.

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