How to treat intestinal infection

How to Treat Intestinal Infection in a 100% natural way. Also,  intestinal infection is mainly caused by poor hygiene. For example, eating with dirty hands or eating in an unhygienic environment can make people ingest some bacteria and other elements. These agents then thrive in your stomach , multiplying until they create an infection. Sometimes intestinal infection is due to the food we eat itself. This happens when food has not been properly cleaned before cooking or when it has been cooked incorrectly.

Water is sometimes a cause of intestinal infection . In all these cases, the infection is mainly caused by people’s negligence for cleaning. There are a number of naturally occurring substances that can cause a marked improvement in the condition of the intestinal infection . so check it out

Ginger Helps Treat Bowel Infection: Ginger is a widely used natural remedy because it reduces inflammation in the lining. Half a teaspoon of ginger juice should be taken twice a day to reduce the severity of symptoms. Alternatively, you can prepare ginger tea or add some grated ginger to cook your meals.

Banana is Good for Treating Intestinal Infection : Banana is a fruit so it is highly recommended at the time of diarrhea. It is easily digestible and does not irritate the stomach . It also hasthe ability to neutralizestomach acids And don’t forget, providing you with the essential ingredients, which are very much needed by the body.

Chamomile Tea Helps Treat Bowel Infection : Abdominal cramps caused by an intestinal infection can be relieved with the help of chamomile tea because it has excellent anti-spasmodic properties. Preparing tea steep a teaspoon of the herb in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Add some honey or sugar to taste and drink this tea. Take 2-3 times a day to get relief from abdominal cramps .

Mint and Lemon is Good for Treating Bowel Infection : This combination works well on constipation and intestinal bacterial infections . Boil some mint leaves in a glass of water and then add the juice of a lemon wedge to it. Strain the liquid and take small sips in the morning. Mint  can destroy bacteria and lemon juice is an effective remedy for constipation .You can get rid of an intestinal infection with the help of proper treatment and diet in a short amount of time. However, don’t start eating regular food as soon as your symptoms are relieved. Wait a few days and continue your dietary restrictions for a week. After that, gradually introduce your usual diet. And yes, ask your doctor if the infection persists as soon as possible.

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