How to Treat Hepatitis B Effectively!

How to Treat Hepatitis B Effectively is a great option for anyone looking to treat  Hepatitis B. In addition,  Hepatitis B is a  virus-borne disease that causes irritation and inflammation of the liver . This is one of the types of viral hepatitis that exist, which are classified by letters A, B, C, D and E. In Brazil, it is estimated that 15% of the population has already been infected and 1% is a chronic carrier of the disease .

Cause of Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B virus  isa hepadnavirus – hepa, of hepatotropic (attracted to the liver ) and dna, because it is a DNA virus – and has a circular genome of partial double-stranded DNA and presents coelom.

Viruses replicate through an intermediate form of RNA by reverse transcription, which, in practice, relates them to retroviruses. Although replication takes place in the liver , the virus spreads to the blood, where viral proteins and antibodies against them are found in infected people.

Symptoms of Hepatitis B:  The first symptoms to appear are fever , malaise, discomfort, abdominal pain, joint pain  and skin rashes. Later, jaundice may appear, urine may become dark and stools lighter than usual. Chronic hepatitis  may not have any specific symptoms, but sometimes it causes some weakness associated with tiredness.

Hepatitis B Transmission:  The Hepatitis B virus is transmitted through blood and other contaminated body fluids/secretions. Transmission can also occur in routine day-to-day situations, such as sharing nail pliers. Four forms of transmission were identified:

  • By sexual contact with an infected person.
  • By treatment with contaminated blood products.
  • By injections or wounds caused by contaminated material.
  • From a mother carrying the Hepatitis B virus to her baby at birth.

How to Treat Hepatitis B Effectively:  The treatment of Hepatitis B needs to be very well evaluated by the doctor because not all cases need immediate action. There are several forms of treatment against the Hepatitis B virus , some last a few months.

The initial treatment is intended to alleviate the symptoms in a way that can give the patient some quality of life and also avoid the risk of complications in the liver  (the most dangerous point of the disease ). Adequate nutrition is recommended, not using medicines without medical advice. There is no need for constant rest, but common sense should be exercised in the practice of physical activities.

When the disease  progresses to the chronic stage, there may be a need for antiviral medication, drug cocktails and intense medical monitoring. People who show the first physical symptoms of the disease  or who are already in advanced stages need to be treated urgently, as the chances of liver complications are high .

The biggest damage of Hepatitis B is the possibility of evolution to liver cirrhosis or liver cancer (  also  called carcinoma). Patients who already have some damage to this organ due to excessive medication or who drink alcohol frequently have a lower chance of successful treatment.

In some cases where liver function has died or the cirrhosis is at a very advanced stage, a liver transplant may be necessary . About 5% to 10% of patients cannot fight the virus and remain infected for the rest of their lives or until the liver dies . Among children, most who have been infected and are up to 5 years of age are unable to eliminate the virus when they reach the stage of chronic disease  .

Hepatitis B recommendations:

  • Know that chronic hepatitis B is a disease  that requires care, because it can progress to liver cirrhosis and liver  cancer hepatocellular  carcinoma).
  • It is worth consulting a doctor about the importance of getting the Hepatitis B vaccine , even if you do not belong to the risk groups. This vaccine also protects against infection by the Hepatitis  D virus, which only manifests when double infection occurs.
  • Find out about the free distribution of the Hepatitis B vaccine by the public health system.

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