Natural remedy to treat hemorrhoids in a few days!

Get rid of hemorrhoids in a few days with this natural remedy , spending next to nothing. Also, believe it or not, there is an ingredient you can use and treat Hemorrhoids at home in no time. We all know that Apple Cider Vinegar is an extremely beneficial item that can help in the case of numerous health issues. Due to its powerful properties , people have been using it for hundreds of years. One of its uses is in the treatment of hemorrhoids .

It can be used in two ways: you can apply it topically, or consume it orally.

Apple Cider Vinegar efficiently treats bleeding, internal and external hemorrhoids . If you suffer from any of these problems. So  Get Rid of Hemorrhoids in Few Days with This Natural Remedy :

1. How to use apple cider vinegar on external hemorrhoids:

All you have to do is soak a cotton ball in a solution of apple cider vinegar and water.

  • Then, place the cotton ball over the External Hemorrhoids and keep it there for 30 minutes to act. At first there will be a normal burning sensation , but don’t worry, this is a temporary sensation and afterwards you will feel great relief from the itching and irritation.

This treatment can be repeated several times daily, as long as it is tolerable, until the swelling subsides. Repeat the method daily until you have completely treated the problem.

2. How to use apple cider vinegar on internal hemorrhoids:

In the case of Internal Hemorrhoids , you should put some  Apple Cider Vinegar in the freezer to freeze it well.

  • You place Apple Cider Vinegar in the freezer in a container or mold that is shaped like a thin, small cylinder similar to a Tampax pad.
  • When it is frozen, remove from the container and, after having done a good hygiene in the anal region , gently introduce this ice in the anus , as if it were a suppository.
  • Wait for the ice to completely melt and then clean it with gauze or cotton wool.

With this treatment, you will get exceptional results from the very first day. In addition to these tips, be sure to eat only soft foods for three days after you have started Apple Cider Vinegar Hemorrhoids treatment .

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