coconut oil and turmeric to treat dental problems!

Coconut oil and turmeric to treat dental problems are very effective because these ingredients have tooth whitening action without damaging the teeth , which is why more and more people are starting to worry about using natural products, not industrialized, or that is, without so many chemical ingredients that can harm your health.

There are many advantages to making your own toothpaste at home as it is not harmful to the body, it is made from natural ingredients and, to top it off, it is cheaper than manufactured by the big brands.

The natural ingredient that is effective and safe for teeth whitening is turmeric , a spice with many benefits and uses for general health as well as oral health. Numerous studies show the benefits of turmeric for treating dental problems and oral hygiene. Many benefits are due to the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial anti-viral turmeric that help to prevent, anti-fungal, toothache , and relieve inflammation and irritation of the mouth and gums.

By using  turmeric  for your dental hygiene, you will be avoiding the use of fluoride contained in commercial toothpastes, which has been shown in numerous studies to be toxic to both the brain and the human body.

Coconut oil and turmeric to treat dental problems:


– 1 tablespoon of  coconut oil .
– Half to 1 teaspoon of  turmeric  powder.
– 1 little  mint oil .

Preparation and use:

  1. Mix all the ingredients.
  2. Then, moisten your toothbrush in the mixture and brush your teeth as you normally would with any other toothpaste.
  3. Let it rest for 3 or 5 minutes and then spit it out and rinse your mouth well with water.
  4. Perform this procedure daily for a few days or a week until you get the desired results.

These homemade toothpastes should preferably be stored in glass containers, away from light and heat. In addition to this point in particular, with homemade toothpaste we will have the benefit of immediacy – for its quick preparation – and for the natural one. However, there is nothing better than a beautiful and well-groomed smile, so one of the first steps to obtain it is correct oral hygiene. Homemade toothpaste will help you have a ten-point smile.

When preparing our own toothpaste, we ensure that all the ingredients we include are natural and that we do not use artificial products that could harm our health. You will be amazed at the effects of this super spice that is turmeric .

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