4 tips to stop biting your nails fast!

Tips to stop biting your nails quickly  as this is a common habit and sometimes a difficult pastime to control called  onychophagia .

And this not only affects the appearance of the hands, but it is a serious threat to the nails,  teeth  and  gums , not forgetting that nails can also be a hiding place for  bacteria  that can cause various diseases.

Tips to stop biting your nails quickly:

1. Onion:

The  onion  has great properties to use it just follow the same strategy as the previous remedy. Directly put a  peeled onion  , the taste will be unpleasant to gnaw on them. Also, this is a good health remedy because onion contains a lot of  nutrients .

2. White vinegar:

White  vinegar is another tips to stop biting your nails quickly . Dip your fingers 3 times a day in a bowl of white vinegar, whose intense flavor not only fights cravings, but also helps to disinfect cuticles or small wounds.

3. Herbal teas:

To avoid biting your  nails  it is necessary to fight the causes that lead to this habit, including  anxiety  and  stress . To avoid this, we can drink some herbal teas that help to relax the body and mind, such as passionflower, valerian and lemon balm tea.

4. Aloe vera:

Aloe vera is   a plant with many health properties, but it does not have a pleasant taste. Also, just  rub the  aloe vera  in the morning and in the afternoon, and thanks to its bitter taste.

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