How to remove ingrown toenail naturally without surgery?

How to remove ingrown toenail naturally without surgery as this is a problem for many people it is a condition where the toenail grows on one side and under the skin causing a painful condition and there are both conventional and surgical methods to deal with this. You can also try to treat it at home completely naturally, but it needs to be at a hassle-free early stage.

What are the causes of ingrown toenail?

Ingrown toenail can occur when extra pressure is placed on the toe. Most commonly, this pressure is caused by shoes that are too tight or too wide. If you often walk or run, even a shoe that’s a little too tight can cause this problem. Some foot or toe deformities can also put extra pressure on the toe.

Nails that are not cut properly can also cause the problem. When toenails are cut too short or the edges are rounded rather than cut straight, the toenail can turn and grow into the skin.

Poor eyesight or physical inability to reach the toe easily, as well as thick nails , can facilitate improper nail trimming. Detaching or separating the corners of the nails can also cause.

Some people are born with curved nails that tend to grow downwards. Others have very large fingernails in relation to their fingers. Rubbing the finger or other injuries can also lead to the jam.

How to remove ingrown toenail naturally without surgery?


  1. Soften skin and nails first with this bath.
  2. You will need 5 L of water and 3 tsp.
  3. of sodium bicarbonate . The water must be at 37 o C. after bathing, you must remove the nail.

You can put a plaster on the ingrown toenail area and this will make the nail more accessible and make the process easier.

  1. You can place a cotton pad between the nail and the skin to lift it up.
  2. But you should apply some antibacterial cream before that.
  3. Change the wraps and cotton after 24 hours and repeat this treatment for 5 days in a row.

If you cannot place the cotton between the nail and the skin , you can prepare a mixture of Aloe Vera, honey and a clove of garlic. This mixture has strong antiseptic properties and only applies it to the affected area.

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The most important thing in this process is to soften the skin every day before the treatment. If there is no improvement, see your doctor!

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