How to remove calluses from feet naturally

How to Remove Calluses from Feet Naturally with amazing and natural ingredients. Also, why do our feet get so little attention when they are such a fundamental part of our body? Is the task of supporting us and allowing us to walk anywhere not enough? Just as we take care of the skin on our face, for example, we should do the same with our feet. Otherwise, different signs of damage and carelessness appear.

In addition to using pumice, sometimes corns are too deep or painful for us to keep putting pressure on them. So check out how to remove calluses from feet naturally.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar To Remove Calluses From Feet:

Apple cider vinegar , due to its acidity, helps to improve the healing process and prevents the formation of more calluses, in addition to reducing the existing ones. Before going to bed, apply a cotton ball soaked in vinegar to the affected area. The next day, exfoliate with a pumice stone.

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2. Castor Oil To Remove Calluses From Feet:

Castor oil is great for softening the skin , reducing roughness and helping to smooth calluses. Soak your feet in warm water and then exfoliate the skin with a pumice stone. After removing dead skin , use a cotton ball with castor oil and secure in place with duct tape. Apply the oil to the area every day until the callus disappears.

3. Nettle To Remove Calluses From Feet:

This plant has important healing properties and helps a lot in the removal and healing of calluses. Blend some leaves and stems of the plant together with a spoon of water in a blender. The objective is to form a paste that you will place on top of the callus, making a bandage with a gauze. Only remove the paste and gauze after three hours of application.

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4. Chamomile tea to remove calluses from the feet:

Chamomile has the property not only to soothe the skin , but also helps to soften and improve the healing of the site. Make a liter of tea with the herb. When the drink is already warm, put it in a basin and let your feet soak. Then exfoliate with a pumice stone.

5. Green Banana Peel To Remove Calluses From Feet:

Take a green banana peel and rub it over the callus area, making the juice released stay in the area. Or, if possible, attach the bark over the callus and leave it on while you sleep. Do this for 5 days or until the callus is gone.

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6. Ice to Remove Calluses from the Feet:

When the callus injury is recent (that is, when the area is still red), using ice can help ease the situation by reducing swelling and pain. Wrap an ice cube in a cloth or napkin and apply to the area.

7. Talc To Remove Calluses From The Feet:

The emollient properties of talc help to treat and prevent corns. Sprinkle the area and cover with a sock (feet) or gauze (hands) and you will see that over time they will reduce until they disappear.

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8. Onion Recipe to Remove Calluses from the Feet:


How to make:

Cut an onion in half and rub it over the area affected by the callus. Repeat every night before going to bed. No need to rinse. Make sure the onion juices penetrate the skin well . Put on socks and go to sleep. Onion , in addition to being healing, also has anti-inflammatory properties.

9. Recipe with Garlic and Olive Oil to Remove Calluses from the Feet:


How to make?

Crush the garlic clove with the olive oil and cover the callus with the mixture. Cover with a gauze, bandage it and let it act overnight. Remove in the morning, without rinsing. Repeat every day until the callus disappears.

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10. Baking Soda To Remove Calluses From The Feet:

Place hot water and 3 tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl. Leave your feet still for at least 10 minutes. Its exfoliating properties will make the skin soften. After that time, wash your feet and rub them with a pumice stone.

11. Glycerin to Remove Calluses from the Feet:

Glycerin also has important emollient properties that can be used to soften and remove corns. Mix 100 g of pasty glycerin with 20 drops of lemon and apply to the area. Without rinsing, leave the mixture to act overnight, however, when you wake up, remove the substance, as the lemon , when exposed to the sun, can stain the skin .

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