How to use frankincense oil to get rid of skin blemishes!

How to use frankincense oil to get rid of all skin blemishes in a simple and natural way because, with advancing age , the appearance of blemishes on the skin is very common . They can be of varying sizes and different colors, such as beige, white, brown or black. The most common is that they develop on the hands, face, shoulders or arms. That is, they are more favorable in regions that have direct contact with sunlight.

There is an essential oil that fights these blemishes wonderfully. In addition, it is frankincense oil, which, in addition to eliminating blemishes, also treats scars caused by acne , stretch marks or wrinkles.

Where do you find this oil?

In good natural products and aromatherapy stores. If you can’t find it in your city, you can easily find it online. It is worth investing in this wonderful product. Aromatherapy uses this wonderful oil a lot, which has many benefits, such as:

Frankincense oil benefits:

  • It works as an anti-aging agent;
  • Heal the scars ;
  • Helps in the treatment of dry skin ;
  • Relieves stress ;
  • Decreases itchy skin;
  • Relieves pain ;
  • Eliminates scars from cuts and scrapes;

How to use frankincense oil to get rid of all skin blemishes?

  1. Apply one or two drops of the oil to the affected area twice a day: morning and afternoon.
  2. Then do this until the issue is resolved. You can also apply the oil to areas that have pimples, as it prevents the appearance of marks.
  3. In addition, you can use the ingredient to make a natural, odorless moisturizer capable of lightening the skin.
  4. Simply mix six drops of frankincense essential oil with every 50 grams of neutral moisturizer.
  5. This will nourish the skin, with  vitamin C , retinoids, ellagic acid and alpha-hydroxy acids.
  6. On top of that, frankincense oil regenerates the skin, thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Watch out!

  • As a precaution, start by applying just one drop to the skin.
  • If there is no allergic reaction, you can increase to two drops.

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