Garlic and lemon to strengthen nails at home!

Garlic and lemon to strengthen nails at home works, because, naturally, in a simple and effective way this is possible at home and easily. Also, do you want to know what is the best method to counteract nail breakage and encourage nail growth?

As we know that this is complete chaos for all girls, today we want to show you which is the best home remedy to strengthen and grow your nails . We certainly don’t all have the nice, long nails that we want because nail growth is usually slow and often lost in the process, the best thing about this remedy is that it will help to speed up the growth of your nails if you want to know what it is. , look at this recipe to the end.

Nails are formed by a protein known as keratin, we must emphasize that toenails grow much faster than fingernails and this can be due to different factors such as medications, hormonal changes, other frequent health problems.

People who have this type of weak nails:

People who have this kind of weak nails, it is vitally important to use a reinforcer to solve the problems of weak nails. Although there are many products to harden them, we will teach you a very simple and economical remedy so that you can create your own nail hardener.

This wonderful home remedy to strengthen and grow nails  that we present today, protects your nails from any kind of external contamination, as it is an anti-fungal and very effective antibacterial.

For the next treatment, you will need a capsule of Vitamin E ,   Lemon and Garlic . The advantage of this homemade hardener is that they have all their ingredients much more concentrated instead of harsh chemicals.

Garlic has sulfurous substances that easily penetrate the skin and, in this case, the nails, thus strengthening their entire structure. Vitamin E provides moisture, stimulates growth and prevents wasting. Lemon , on the other hand, helps us to reduce stains, yellow fungi and possible nail problems. Now, see  Home Remedy to Strengthen and Grow Nails:

Garlic and lemon to strengthen nails at home:


Preparation and Use:

  • First you must soak the 3 cloves of garlic in hot water for about 15 minutes and then crush them to a paste.
  • Then add this paste, the contents of the Vitamin E capsule in the nail polish and also the 20 drops of Lemon , once everything is added, shake very well for several seconds, until it is well mixed.
  • Let it marinate overnight and that’s it. Apply a layer of nail polish to weak nails and let it dry well, you must apply it every day.
  • Once a thin layer forms on your nails, remove it with the polish remover and apply again.
  • You must carry out this treatment for at least a month to start seeing results.

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