6 Tips to make nail polish last longer!

How to Make Enamel Last Longer in a simple way. In addition, one of the biggest regrets in a woman’s life is, after a manicure session, having nails that arouse envy, but seeing their shine quickly fade and not being able to make the polish last longer or realizing that they have already chipped, a short time later. . So, making nail polish last longer helps save time and money.

To avoid the problem and to make the nail polish last longer, check out some essential steps:

1. Apply a nail -strengthening base coat before applying nail polish;
2. Remove excess nail polish from the top of the nails, making the “sheath”, as this prevents the nail polish from coming off easily;
3. File your nails well until they are smooth, as this prevents them from chipping, and consequently the enamel comes off;
4. Always use a thin layer of nail polish;
5. Always apply the extra shine, as it forms a transparent layer that protects the enamel . It can be applied as many times as necessary, and if necessary, apply a thin layer a day.
6.When washing dishes and using cleaning products, always put on a pair of disposable gloves. Another important tip to make the enamel last longer is to apply a moisturizing cream for hands and nails daily, as many times as necessary.

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The more the cuticle is hydrated, the more beautiful the nails will be .

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